The. Tribe. Is. Strong.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. #TheTribeIsStrong – And this morning there was an undeniable vibe and record attendance at Harvard Stadium in Allston, MA. I’ll aim to capture some of this for those who couldn’t make it out to join us.

Some of our members were in tears, some were wearing baby backpacks with smiles, some wore bright Boston Marathon medals, and some just came to stretch, watch and continue sorting out their jumbled minds. Soldiers in camouflage fatigues sat beside people in book bags with Elmo’s head peeking out. Regulars stood next to newbies and explained what it is that we do. Most others were silent.

At 6:30AM, when you were all finally there waiting to start your hug session, I mean workout, I froze up a little bit. A sea of faces lit by a fresh spring sunrise. A long awaited season and yet so many unsettled minds. And then I remember why we were all there…

The message from Bojan & I is always about connections, real connections, and how we can control the feel of the next number of days through the way we treat one another. A group as active and as proud as ours can be what changes and pushes this city forward in the days ahead. Don’t worry about seeming weird, just say HELLO to all people in your day. Congratulate people on their BAA marathon jackets and greet officers and service agents. Their reaction (good or bad) doesn’t matter, maybe they’ll do the same thing a few blocks later. Thank your MBTA driver or fellow co-workers or professors or students… or anyone who you should thank for simply being a Boston contributor. In these times we need to reach out and have real interactions… even in small doses please do it.

This morning the workout was 35 minutes for total number of sections. Our group photo was taken at section 26 to pay respects to the many affected by Marathon Monday’s events. Today’s #PositivityAward went to the entire group for simply showing up and being contributors.

Please understand that we’re going to support and promote the many events and gatherings to come in the next few days/weeks here in Boston. November Project will support the many running clubs and groups of all kinds. Most action will be posted on our Facebook wall and we hope that you all continue to go there as your most frequently updated source of information. Our site is slow motion in comparison. Let us know if you think we may be missing out on something and we’ll work to get it in front of the tribe right away.

We hope to see you on Friday but know we’ll see you around town. November Project loves you. Spread the love. #TheTribeIsStrong

“Boston, This is your ‘Nephew’ DG (Brogan’s Brother – as most will always know me). We here are all leaning your direction as you navigate such an overwhelming day. We are here because you are there – and we will all be up early on Wednesday summoning the powers born of your amazing tribe.” – DG

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