#NP_Yoga4 @southbostonyoga by Todd Skoglund


Goldie Kaufenberg, along with the good people of Lulu Newbury Street, brought your November Project the first and second dose of #NP_Yoga. This was an open, all levels class that brought many of us to a yoga mat for the first time. After a summer and fall with Goldie as our fearless yogi leader we moved closer to the Commons with Aaron Cantor’s Yoga Conditioning inside the all mighty Back Bay Yoga. Aaron took even more new faces and well practiced yogis from November Project through drills, movements, and a few monkey motions that had us all laughing our way to a good sweat.

Summer, Fall, Winter, and now we’re finally to SPRING! We are proud to say that on May 9th from 6:30AM to 8:00AM is #NP_Yoga4 hosted by South Boston Yoga and lead by the always inspiring Todd Skoglund. Who’s Todd Skogland!? Do you want to get power chopped in the throat? We’ll pretend like you didn’t just ask that and remind you that Todd is not only the owner of South Boston Yoga, but also a big name in the Boston yoga community. Todd is also a nice dude who thinks you and your November Project tribe are making this city a better more active place to be. There is talk that he was the ninja who came in first at this winter’s #BostonNinjaRace and then vanished but we can neither confirm or deny those tales at this time. Todd Skoglund. Know him. Love him. Todd Skoglund.

Like the other yoga classes we’ve tried, this will be a limited capacity and you’ll want to jump on the RSVP as soon as you can – It will post within two days of the event/class to prevent no-shows. The capacity for this giant gathering will be 100 total and you’ll only get into the class with your printed ticket and #GrassrootsGear to practice in. We have not been too strict on this in the past but we’re now to a point where we’re only able to offer this type of special treatment to those who want it bad. Plan to rock your #GrassrootsGear to show that you’re legit, a part of this group, and so that our photos come out looking awesome.

In the weeks to come you’ll want to be quick on the drawn when you see the RSVP link go live on our FB & Twitter (Goldie’s second class filled up in less than 6 minutes) and make sure you bring your tops to Wednesday workouts to get tagged. Again, you MUST HAVE YOUR PRINTED RSVP TICKET/CONFIRMATION and in #GrassrootsGear to get into this sweat lodge of movement in South Boston.

Stay tuned for the link to go LIVE. Act fast, paint shirts, train hard, race everything, namaste. THE RSVP IS NOW LIVE!!! GET YOUR TICKETS WHILE THEY LAST!!!

Todd says,
“My classes are challenging. That doesn’t mean you need to be able to do a split or even touch your toes. But you must be present in the room and motivate your self to do your best and know your own limits. A challenging practice is what helped me break through my own crap. It’s what I know, what helped me, and therefore what I teach. When I’m balancing on my hands, or carefully working into an advanced stretch, I HAVE to be in the present moment and fully focused. There are no short cuts to a safe, “advanced” practice.”

South Boston Yoga says,
“South Boston Yoga is a COMMUNITY for all to enjoy. The studio offers a huge variety of Yoga Classes and Private Sessions, Workshops, Aerial (anti-gravity) Yoga, Meditation Classes, Pilates Classes, Kirtan, Nutrition/Health Counseling, Personal Strength Training as well as various modalities of Bodywork and Massage. The studio occupies two floors with four studios, showers, lockers, retail, 2 massage rooms, and plenty of room to spread out! We have 2 fully equiped yoga studios on the 3rd floor that can combine into one of the largest studio spaces in Boston. We have a Hot Studio for hot power yoga, and an Aerial/Swing room for Aerial Yoga, Pilates, Core conditioning, and more.
Our hope is to provide a center with something for everyone, from beginners to advanced practitioners, to enjoy. Come join us as we move, breathe and celebrate with great excitement in South Boston.”

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