After last week, it was refreshing to see all of your upbeat and friendly faces this morning at the edge of the world, also known as Castle Island in South Boston. For many of us this destination was a new one.

As the sun came up over the 7 lines of warmup sprints there was some undeniable magic. Yes, we’re about to get onto the cold, wet, grass and flip cards. Yes, we love doing this in new places around town. Yes, we understand that this looks weird to you slow dog walkers who’re doing a bad job of hiding their gawking. And YES, one day we’ll have the entire city converted to the rise & shine lifestyle.

The announcements today are few… but very important.

Photos in todays post were taken by the tribe members. Props to keen artistic eyes that captured these masterpieces. Rest of the photos taken by our resident photographer Bojan will be live on November Project Facebook page later this afternoon.

WEDNESDAY: We’re racing the full 37 section “tour” from the bottom of section 37 to the top of section 1 to post our current fastest times. For those of you who are on the newer side of NP life we’ll ask that you bring a watch to time yourself. Your score will be recorded and it will provide a benchmark to chase and beat throughout the spring and summer months ahead. Come ready to race. 6:30AM start. Race everything.

FRIDAY: Summit Ave for that ass… Who’s ass? Your ass. We’ll see you ready to go at 6:28AM on the top of Summit. Don’t park your lame car on Summit.

#NP_Yoga4 is on the horizon. For those of your who have never attended an “NP Yoga” before you’re in for a treat. You’ll want to jump on the RSVP when it goes live. All you need to know is that link will be posted on May 7th and the class will be on May 9th. With a 100 person capacity you’ll want to make sure to get your RSVP on right away. For more info click your silly little paw right on this link. Like everything we do at NP, #NP_Yoga4 will be FREE.

RECRUIT: Recruiting is key. Many of us have taken away great friendships, training partners, and tons of smiles along the way. Though you don’t owe NP anything YOU OWE US SOME QUALITY RECRUITING EVERY SINGLE WEEK FOR THE REST OF YOUR BOSTON LIFE. Find the athletes who need a little extra community in their life and push them to drop a verbal… perhaps to this Wednesday’s workout is a good place to start. #RecruitMoreRacers

Eric Heiden
Paul Hamm
Dan Janson
The Madison Mallards
Reece Gaines
Rashard Griffith
Bagels Forever
Paul Bunyan

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