We had a number of November Project members in NH this past weekend hiking the many winding roads of the Appalachian Trail. Stopping in for the night into one of AMC’s huts we met a very special guy with a very badass story. A laid back gent in his 30’s who introduced himself as “FrogMan1” was making his way along the entire Appalachian Trial and is roughly two months into his journey. His 2,184 mile hike from Maine to Georgia was going to lead him well into October and may have him finishing as late as mid November. He spoke of seeing giant moose a few feet away, strategic ways to find lightweight and cheap proteins when “in town”, the best camping stoves, and what its like to live on the trail for extended periods of time. “FrogMan1” is a chill guy with a lot of guts and overall positivity. When we spoke of November Project he said that he’d like to join us if/when his tail leads him through Boston one day. This week we dedicate our Wednesday morning 50 section workout to “FrogMan1.” This chill pace workout with greater volume was previously known as “the Hiking Trip” and now will be permanently named “FrogMan1.”

Times under 30 minutes for “FrogMan1” are pretty fast (NP record is 28:10). Anyone who wants to scale down and do less is encouraged to do 40, 30, or 20 sections. Chose a distance that will push you for a longer workout. If you haven’t done the full tour yet, this is your opportunity. However, only the 50 section group is doing the official “FrogMan1.” As usual, 6:30AM start at Harvard Stadium. Lots to talk about for August. #RecruitMoreRacers #Rise&Shine #FrogMan1

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  1. OOOOOOH THRU-HIKER! <3 I thru-hiked in 2010 (Georgia to Maine), have a tattoo of the AT symbol on my wrist in commemoration of it. At some point in the future I might add my dates of start/completion as well. (Feb26'10-Aug16'10)

    One of the things that I think about while pushing myself up and down the stadium or Summit Ave is that whatever November Project gives me, it is NEVER the hardest thing I've ever done. That was 15 miles in a building snow storm (over the day, accumulation of about 12-15 inches) in mountainous Georgia when I was very very out of shape. With a thirty five pound pack.

    Basically, this is just me being very excited to see a picture of a thru-hiker on the blog. (See you all Wednesday!)

  2. Ooh! Me too (Jun-Oct ’06). Thru-hikers / NPers unite! If my back gets better I’ll do another hut traverse (50 miles, 16k feet of climb) which is a lot of stadiums. PS this picture is on the porch at Greenleaf. Do I win anything for guessing that?

  3. Couldn’t fit that in before work if I started at 630, so be sure to make your pre-workout speech extra loud so those of us who might have to start a little early can still hear it! #FrogMan1 #verbalcommitment

  4. I met Frogman-1 in the 100 mile wilderness. Great guy with an unusual amount of information about loons. If you ever need someone for a rescue party, Frogman-1 is a good choice.

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