#SafetyNinjasPart2: Coming Soon to a Brookline Hill Near You.

Today we trained using our “first-WED-of-the-month” favorite, #FrogMan1. Please understand that this volume of work is very real. For those of you who took him on and took him down, or even raced him for a new PR, FUCK YEAH. For those of you who did less, know that you’ll have another shot at him in a month… and FUCK YEAH anyway (because we love you too).

A special thanks to our friends at PUMA who came out and trained with us as a team. For those of you who didn’t show up today and are just tuning in now, they brought the first piece of the #NP_WinterKits which was awarded for the folks who completed the entire workout (FrogMan1). Please keep jumping out of bed for our three sessions each week knowing that any day could be the day for gear awards. We’ll only have a MONDAY session during Thanksgiving week as an official NP workout. If you are in town and want to throw it down on Wednesday and Friday, we completely support and encourage that effort.

FRIDAY: The law in the Town Of Brookline is that you can’t have any sounds, noise, or even badass running before 7AM. We have always and will always encourage the classic FUCK YEAH‘s and the loud verbal encouragement in all of our workouts as long as they’re not going to cause a problem with Officer Brother & the Brookline PD. So this Friday (and all Friday’s from here on out) we will #JoinHands, hug it out, breakdown the work ahead of us, run the hill, and gather after the workout to pass on the #PositivityAward. But we will do it in the most respectful and quiet way possible so our neighbors at Summit Ave don’t hear a thing. As you’re arriving, training, and pushing through the workout PLEASE keep your volume at the most MUTE level possible.

We need to be clear about this because we DO joke around a lot: We are going back to Summit Ave to train as a tribe because we have already shown that we can show up with 200+ members without making a sound. After last week’s $100 fine (I really appreciate everyone pitching in cash to pay for it) that was written in my name, I’m putting trust in you all that we can train smarter and remain in that location. The next fine is $300; the following is a court appearance… you get the point.

Thanks to those NP members who chipped in cash to make this go away quickly.

So here is our pledge: We will not make a single noise of any kind during the workout and we’ll do 100% of the running on the sidewalks of Summit Ave. This workout will be called #TakeOn. We did it before! Does anyone remember #HillsBySafetyNinjas1?

As an addition to staying stealthy on Friday, the Serbian Co-Founder (Bojan) will be spreading fliers up and down our running course tomorrow (Thursday) at 7PM announcing our presence and apologizing for any past noise disturbances. He’ll be at the park at the top of the hill at 7PM ready to go. Join him if you want to spread the fliers – it could be a fun/funny video post to FB… just sayin’.

Amazing job today. Hope you’re all getting warm and that you’re as excited as we are to bring on the cold weather and remain #weatherproof. #TheTribeIsStrong #NP_WinterKits #RaceEverything #HugYourNeighbors

Special thanks to Sarah Korval for helping with the score keeping.

Joey "Big20" Kile 125 Sections 2:04:00
Jake of Kutztown 100 Sections 1:01:27
Kenny A. 75 Sections 54:36
Ches W. 75 Sections 57:18
Angelo Gala 60 Sections 44:16
Anna Kochallo 58 Sections 58:45
Julia Shaw 56 Sections 55:11
Jennifer Walker 53 Sections 50:42
Scott Gilroy FrogMan1 31:34
Leah FrogMan1 34:00
Guy FrogMan1 34:05
Jake Otto FrogMan1 34:56
L. Smith FrogMan1 36:41
Steve C. FrogMan1 38:15
Derrick S. FrogMan1 38:57
Paul Lopez FrogMan1 39:38
Connor Green FrogMan1 40:35
Bryce McKenzie FrogMan1 40:50
Tim L. FrogMan1 41:13
Brad Blake FrogMan1 41:16
Andrew Schwartz FrogMan1 41:20
Chris Marshall FrogMan1 42:08
Bill Delaney FrogMan1 42:30
Hannah Jet FrogMan1 42:54
Alex Jackson FrogMan1 43:02
Sophie O. FrogMan1 43:46
Yoav S. FrogMan1 44:47
JC FrogMan1 45:00
Lauren Goodman FrogMan1 45:00
Emily Boyson FrogMan1 45:16
Drew Bresina FrogMan1 45:20
Neil Cronin FrogMan1 45:44
Kreg FrogMan1 46:00
Susan Lucas FrogMan1 46:10
Kristen Sullivan FrogMan1 46:52
Eric Velez FrogMan1 47:00
Jess S. FrogMan1 47:41
Tedi Rosenstein FrogMan1 48:00
Colin Gould FrogMan1 48:44
Mike Joyce FrogMan1 48:45
Nick Y. FrogMan1 49:00
McIntire FrogMan1 49:07
Marsha Whitman FrogMan1 49:43
Jessie Cox FrogMan1 49:50
Chad Verry FrogMan1 50:00
Amanda J. FrogMan1 50:05
Leah Boniface FrogMan1 50:23
Brian Langhorst FrogMan1 50:34
Corey Duggan FrogMan1 50:48
Lauren Klinker FrogMan1 51:00
Arni Lehto FrogMan1 51:00
Eddie Fleck FrogMan1 51:00
Matt Mollloy FrogMan1 51:21
Sarah Korval FrogMan1 51:30
Stuart Wall FrogMan1 51:35
Whitney Kemp FrogMan1 51:38
Mike Yarilli FrogMan1 51:58
Nick Panarello FrogMan1 53:00
Kristen B. FrogMan1 53:44
Mieke Breck FrogMan1 53:51
Emily N. FrogMan1 53:51
Emilie Mandaric FrogMan1 54:06
Nicole P. FrogMan1 54:22
Jen Cox FrogMan1 54:30
Dave Bopp FrogMan1 55:00
Danielle DH. FrogMan1 55:06
Meghan F. FrogMan1 55:47
Erin Kilmer FrogMan1 56:00
FJP FrogMan1 57:04
Brigitte G. FrogMan1 57:07
Cam C. FrogMan1 57:30
Kaitlin Pace FrogMan1 57:42
Andrew Wall FrogMan1 57:42
Tania D. FrogMan1 58:00
Mobo Odewole FrogMan1 59:02
Sarah P. FrogMan1 59:42
Amiel B. FrogMan1 60:00
Abby C. FrogMan1 1:00:00
Phillip C. FrogMan1 1:00:00
Alexandra Sieving FrogMan1 1:09:00
Amy Griffin FrogMan1 1:04:00
Katy Driscoll FrogMan1 1:05:06
Luci C. FrogMan1 1:08:21
James B. FrogMan1 1:10:07
Elin Flashman FrogMan1 1:40:00
Ryan Weston FrogMan1  
Hannah P. FrogMan1  
Alex Z 40 Sections 35:26
Katie Deans 40 Sections 38:00
Matt H. 40 Sections 45:01
Kristen Shearer 40 Sections 48:00
James Christo 40 Sections 53:26
Jade Tabony 40 Sections 54:00
Gregory Racich 40 Sections 55:00
Jackie Curley 38 Sections  
Erin McD. 38 Sections + 12 for FrogMan1  
Michelle D. 38 Sections  
Mully 37 Sections 25:54
Helena Monteiro 37 Sections 33:00
Alex Weber 37 Sections 33:00
Ann Unger 37 Sections 36:00
Zack Kremer 37 Sections 36:00
Justin Unger 37 Sections 37:00
37 Sections 37:00
Beatrice Sims 37 Sections 38:03
Rachel Pettis 37 Sections 38:25
JLQ 37 Sections 38:40
Kelly Stecker 37 Sections 38:50
Carly Leahy 37 Sections 39:00
Kate Buessar 37 Sections 40:00
Meghan Jaacks 37 Sections 40:50
Laura W. 37 Sections 41:56
Katelyn K. 37 Sections 42:00
Gene K. 37 Sections 42:03
Kathleen Meehan 37 Sections 42:24
Kathleen M. 37 Sections 42:43
Taryne Messer 37 Sections 45:00
Christine Mannis 37 Sections 45:00
Sam M. 37 Sections 45:00
Tom Marcella 37 Sections 46:10
Laura Mac 37 Sections 46:17
Margaret Langhorst 37 Sections 46:27
R. Colin Kennedy 37 Sections 51:56
David Schwartz 37 Sections 52:48
Steve H. 37 Sections 58:23
Brad Smith 37 Sections  
Deniz K. 37 Sections  
Mariel Lacina 37 Sections  
Caitlin Cahov 37 Sections  
Whitney Naglund 37 Sections  
Nick Stamas 37 Sections  
Laura Resteghini 33 Sections 39:40
Elizabeth Eyerer 31 Sections 50:00
Peter Gett 30 Sections 35:00
Kate Kennedy 30 Sections 39:40
Genevieve Fernandez 30 Sections 40:00
Elise Marshall 30 Sections 40:00
Kerri Axelrod 30 Sections 45:00
Andrea Jacobs 28 Sections  
Reid Allen 25 Sections 30:00
Tessa Haynes 25 Sections 30:00
Jill G. 25 Sections 35:00
Rob DeLaurentis 24 Sections 31:00
Wendy Gertel 24 Sections 31:20
Patricia Dizon 24 Sections 31:20
Dave Levine 24 Sections 31:25
Jessica Wong 24 Sections 31:26
David Barakchian 22 Sections 36:35
Rebecca Berger 21 Sections 32:00
Erika Gleva 21 Sections  
Kevin C. 20 Sections 20:00
Alissa Minkoff 20 Sections 22:52
Jake Minkoff 20 Sections 22:52
Steph Maiocco 20 Sections 24:00
Michelle Lewis 20 Sections 29:54
Lauren R. 20 Sections 35:00
Nikki Cu 20 Sections 40:00
Erik O. 20 Sections 40:00
Alexa Muhs 20 Sections 45:00
Louisa Page 20 Sections  
Tony Depazo 20 Sections  
Steph d’Orsay 19 Sections 20:57
Chris Hernen 19 Sections 25:00
T. Gentry 19 Sections 26:14
Jennifer Hernen 19 Sections 30:00
Pri Vedak 19 Sections 30:00
Lisa B. 19 Sections 30:00
Elisabeth Jaman 19 Sections 40:00
Nancy R. 19 Sections  
Britney H. 19 Sections  
Darlene D. 19 Sections  
Mike Soderberg 18 Sections 26:00
18 Sections 26:00
Meredith Cohen 18 Sections 31:00
Natalie Johnson 18 Sections 31:00
Rachael P. 18 Sections  
Charley C. 16 Sections  
Havoc 15 Sections 26:03
Chris Page 15 Sections  
Bryan Watts 13 Sections 24:12
Maida Broudo 10 Sections 30:00
Jae Dee 10 Sections 35:13
Chris I. 10 Sections  
Chris Serwacki   21:32
Mandy Nicoles   23:30
Kalyan K.    
Dillman InjuryDeck  
Goldie 20  
Amanda Ayers InjuryDeck  
Kim M.   26:14
Brian Pedroit    
Caroline Shannon FrogMan1 41:45
MJ Gay 44:00  
Mary McG FrogMan1 44:00
Ben H FrogMan1 44:00
Kelsea Gusk 19 20:05
TusaRebecca 22  
Morgan Brown FrogMan1 33:48
Jenny Geldart 41 1:22:00
Adam A FrogMan1 + 2 47:41
Karlsie 6
Patrick Burke 40 43:00
Marie M 37
Martica 100
Evan Dana FrogMan1
BRANDO FrogMan1 39:00
Jade Best FrogMan1 56:30
Sebastian GrogMan1 39:05
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26 Replies to “#SafetyNinjasPart2: Coming Soon to a Brookline Hill Near You.”

  1. I think you are missing a clipboard cause I signed in for Mary, Ben, and I but we aren’t on the list :(. Frogman1 in 44ish min (I don’t remember the seconds right now!)

  2. Looks like a sheet must have gotten misplaced somewhere in the handoff or transit. Sorry guys! I’ll look around to see if I can find it.

    1. Don’t worry about it.. thanks for your help! If anyone notices that their name is not listed, just post in the comment and I’ll add it.

  3. Frogman1 + 2sections because I went back a section for water and to collect my hat and forgot I had already done said section. I was kind of tired, c’mon it was early! 47:41

  4. Did 37 sections… Every single step including that last one at the top! Didn’t record my time… But I did get to school by 8:25 (even got a shower and breakfast)… Look forward to next frogman! BTW – that is me with the neon green jacket and red hoodie. Love my tribe!

  5. Recorded 38 and then went for more! FrogMan1. Also, if anyone’s in for unofficial NP workouts on 11/21 and 11/23, let me know; I’ll meet you there!!

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