Last Friday we were asked to run in perfect lines far away from any automobile traffic by the Brookline PD. We responded this week and saw our tribe do an amazing job of following through: Left side on the way up, Left side on the way down, single file, BOOM, simple. Nice work. Now we are training safer in an organized fashion. Today we were pretty much asked to drop dead by a home owner from his bedroom window because we were making too much noise. We will admit that sometimes our Co-Founders can get a little excited and get loud but once those two were under control the entire group seemed to be in the quiet zone of ninja-swiftness. Yes, now we are safe, we come and go without disturbing anyone who lives in the peaceful community of #BadAssHillMountainBrookline, and we continue to build our community. From here on out we can refer to our Friday session as #HillsBySafetyNinjas (other suggestions are welcome). Get your Tweet on!

Today was our last workout in July. November project staff is going to tally up the attendance and announce the names of the ones that came to 5+ workouts. Next week (August 1st), we’ll bring that list to the stadium so you’ll be able to choose between 1-year FREE Hubway membership and $50 off at Marathon Sports. Stay tuned for mores stuff coming in August like Monday workouts, free New Balance shoes, T-shirts, yoga classes (WHAT!?), just to name the few… Don’t ask about the details, you’ll know when the time is right.

You all got up this morning to #EarnYourWeekend and you did just that! Scores are below. Nice work today.

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8 Replies to “#HillsBySafetyNinjas”

  1. I did 6 hills this morning, talked with the locals for a while, got to know a few more members of our November Project, and stopped my watch way later while eating breakfast. Mark me down for 6 hills at 1 hour 41 mins. Thanks.

  2. Oh no! I didn’t write my name down! Still learning how this works (?). But I gotta say I did 5! Not sure of time – maybe 45 mins? Thanks for an awesome workout!

    1. I didn’t write my name down either figuring I’d comment/tweet later on. I was with Abby around 45 minutes for 5 hills! Rock on girl.
      And P.S. I did come on Wednesday as well, 37 flights, no PR.
      P.P.S. Sorry for never signing in officially just virtually.

  3. love the “pitstop” addendum. do we call too-much-coffee induced vom a pit stop?
    apologies to anyone who witnessed this. (most everyone). as of note, i did not stop my watch… keep it honest!

    1. we can call it “pukestop”.

      all jokes to the side, you’re a soldier for powering through the rest of the workout and still posting very strong time! Great work!

  4. I came and did 4 in ~39 minutes. (I had to leave early). If and when I live on a #BadAssHillMountain #NovemberProject will be welcome. Also Peter E. also did 4 in ~39 minutes.

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