Today’s #HillSession was #amazing #ToSayTheLeast. Tons of #newbies came out and were brought into a #grouphug by the current #novemberproject member base as part of our #dynamicwarmup. #Rise&Shine out there in #Brookline we did. Please #RecruitMoreRacers for WED & FRI next week. #MoreRacers=MoreFun

Today marks out first conversations with the #LocalLawEnforcement. The #policeofficer who we spoke with toward the end of our workout simply wanted to make sure that we stayed #OutOfTheStreet and #OutOfTheWay of any #humans that are #driving their #gas_powered automobiles #UpDownTheHills at that hour. In all #seriousness, we did get asked to stay #OutOfTheWay and confirmed with the #policeofficer that we are planning to work out each Friday at the #sametimesameplace. We agreed to stay completely against the sidewalk/curb or even on the sidewalk. Let’s consider this a #groupVERBAL #commitment for all Friday’s going forward. #NovmeberProject will be there, out of the way, #ShiningHarder than most of #TheCityOfBoston, and doing work to #EarnOurWeekend.

BG Socializing with Brookline's Finest


PR Pizza Day – Come to race the full tour of the stadium for the fastest time you can put down. If it’s your fastest time in your November Project history you will receive a coupon for PR Pizza. Coupon!? What!? Details will be announced on Wednesday.


Some of you already logged 5 or more workouts in July and we’re super jazzed to give you your choice between free 1-year Hubway membership or $50 off the shoes at Marathon Sports. For those of you that are not there yet, you have 2 more shots to get these amazing gifts. Make sure that you write your names and scores clearly so we can track your times and attendance.


Moving to three workouts per week. Huge awards for 6+ workouts in August along with even more for those who can post a perfect month of training without missing a single session. More to come.

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3 Replies to “HashtagEverything”

  1. I love every single one of you.

    Members, that is. November Project is members only. People who know of us, or joined us a few weeks ago, or “may check it out one of these mornings,” don’t count as members. November Project members are the folks who are regularly there. November Project members are powerful as a tribe. November Project members are going to PR all over those 37 sections come next WED. Give us a reason to hand out a mountain of pizzas next week.

    Proud to know of and be an active member of Boston’s only…

    November Project

  2. Hey #NovemberProject!

    I hate to be a #paininthebutt, but could you put my time up there? I did 4 flights in 40:30. See you Wednesday (#verbalcommitment)!

  3. Hey #NovemberProject!

    This #firsttimer didn’t report her time this morning, so I’m going to be a #paininthebutt too. I did 5 repeats in 37:00. I’ll be there again next Friday!

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