Drink Water!

One of our favorite hash-tags is #rainorshine. We use it to explain to “regular” people that November Project tribe shows up for workouts regardless of the weather conditions and it’s usually referring to the rain part. This morning however, we focused on the shine part – hard, sweaty, sticky shine. Everyone knows that awesome half way spot around section 18 where you cross the point of sun drenched steps and get into the shade where temperature immediately drops few degrees. You know the point where you get the second wind when going for a PR? Well this morning it didn’t matter if we were in the sun or shade as the humidity was relentlessly draining fluids out of our bodies. So make sure that you replenish those fluids with water, Gatorade, coconut water, or whatever your preferred hydrating drink of choice might be – booze doesn’t count. Also, Harvard Stadium does not have water fountains so make sure that you bring your own water bottle to hydrate during/after the workout.

None of those afore mentioned weather conditions didn’t seem to matter to the #weatherproof November Project tribe. People are still shaving minutes off their times, running more sections in 35 minutes and making it look easy and sustainable. Check out the timetable below for all results. If you had to leave early or just forgot to post your time, let us know and we’ll add you there. Great job everyone!

As always we’re running hills in Brookline. It’s a great workout to add to your training so we hope to see you there. Remember there are 4 more workouts left in July so if you want to get 1-Year Hubway Membership or $50 to Marathon Sports you have to come to 5+ workouts in July.

Stay tuned for great things that are in works for August.

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10 Replies to “Drink Water!”

  1. Not to sound like a baby, but I was there his AM but wasn’t on the list I think I signed my name Donnnnnnnny

    I want that Hubway membership swag

  2. All fixed.

    – Donnnny looked like Donn Jay – fix your handwriting!
    – Julia I couldn’t tell if it was 35 or 37. It’s probably sweaty paper’s fault.
    – My bad Clint, few people send their times from twitter i just missed yours.

  3. Erin SundeePants says, “I didn’t sign in but can you include my count? I did 23 today, a sweaty as f*ck 23 flights.”

    What a champ/lady/athlete.

    Way to go all! This morning was great! See you all FRIDAY. Verbal! Check. Boom.

    1. I did say that! Thanks for the inclusion. There’s no better group to be sweaty as f**ck with either!

  4. Hello – I was a first timer on the 1/2 circuit this morning and I went from section 37 to section 19 in 25 minutes. Thank you it was a great experience and I hope it gets easier with repetition.


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