How Tough Are You?

Many weeks back we asked the simple question, “What are you training for?”

Saturday we were happy to have November Project members Brandon Brando, Scott Gilroy, and Goldie Kaufenberg take on the Tough Mudder on the steep slopes of Vermont’s Mt. Snow. Under the unofficial team name “Pichamuddyasana” these core NP members teamed with potential member Meg Fox to tackle this insane volume of vertical miles, obstacles, temperatures, and electric voltage that leaves even the baddest asses feeling pretty soft.

Outside of the giant JOB WELL DONE we also wanted to thank you guys for bringing your own brand/level of intensity to each of our Wednesday and Friday sessions this spring and summer. You jump out of bed and put your pants on one leg at a time. The only difference is once your pants are on you rip workouts into confetti shreds like robotic death monsters. Keep it up. One week from “PR Pizza Day”!

Next 7 Days

– Wednesday, 7/18/12 at Harvard Stadium for our 6:30AM start time.

– Friday, 7/20/12 at Summit Ave for our 6:30AM start time.

– Wednesday, 7/25/12 at Harvard Stadium for our 6:30AM start. We’ll be racing 37 sections all out for time. If you can post your fastest time next Wednesday we’ll give you one of our PR Pizzas. Plan to go fast there.


As you know at this point, 5 or more workouts this month will get you either a 1-Year Hubway Membership or $50 to Marathon Sports. Make sure to record your name and score CLEARLY on our sign-in sheet at the end of each of our sessions so we can give you credit and track your times.


We’ll be adding Monday morning sessions as well. These locations, times, and work will be posted soon. Stay tuned..

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