Happy Birthday Niles!

Here at November Project we have many talents. Some of our members can lift many pounds of weight repeatedly. Some of us can run really fast. Some of us are really good at playing instruments, some are really good writers, some can even fix your speech. Some can freestyle-rap, some can drop a haiku, but one thing that we can all do really well is sing very loudly at 6:30am. This morning we belted our vocal cords to the lyrics of world-renowned jam “Happy Birthday” to our friend Niles who decided to celebrate his birthday morning by running some hills. Thanks for coming Niles, and thanks to everyone that participated in the singing circle.

If you have a November Project friend that has an upcoming birthday, let us know (we can’t facebook stock everyone), and we’ll make sure that they are appropriately recognized.

We’re glad to see that the Friday group is growing week by week. Keep spreading the word; bring your friends; strength in numbers. As always results are listed at the bottom of the post.


Some of you will hit our 5-workout mark next week. That means that you’ll get to choose between 1-year FREE Hubway Membership or $50 OFF running, racing, or jogging shoes at Marathon Sports. For those of you who are not there yet, you still have time, as there are 5 more workouts left in July.


…is going to be awesome! We have a lot of great things in works for August including adding Monday Workout. Stay tuned for more info…

Stay cool, hydrate, take care of your joints and enjoy the weekend. Happy Friday!

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8 Replies to “Happy Birthday Niles!”

  1. Hey Bojan,

    I hate to be a bother, but could you put my time up there? I definitely was there this morning, with the sore body to prove it! I can hardly walk. See you on Wednesday!

    Flights: 3 Time: 33 Minutes

  2. Sebastian Buhaley

    Can you check the time I listed. I put it at 32:24 but I looked down so fast it may have been 33:24. I kept it running for anyone who needed a time. Niles was about a minute behind me. Thanks

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