PR Pizza

Rain, snow, clouds, sun… who cares, we’re doing stadiums regardless of the weather conditions. This morning we had some big name visitors like Rube Weeks representing Olympia moving and always awesome Laura Mac. After few jokes and laughs we had a special trophy presentation for excellence, commitment and support to November Project as well as breaking 30 minutes for a round of 37 sections on the first try. Sara K. Wild dominated her first ever round of 37 in the time of 28:50 and this morning she improved her time by over a minute in very good 27:28 (times are not official). This inspirational performance was rewarded by inaugural “PR Pizza” trophy that Sara will proudly keep on display at her desk at New Balance headquarters – or she’ll just polish that pie for lunch.

Sara proudly showing of her PR Pizza Trophy
Sara showing of her PR Pizza Trophy - don't let the serious face full you - she's having tons of fun

Other honorable mentions were Bojan Mandaric’s PR performance of 25:24 and Brogan Graham’s casual round in which he managed to stop for few minutes, talk about rapper hats, visit the area under the steps of section 18 and still finish the round in 25:22. We hope to see more people next week so tell your friends, parents, neighbors or strangers on the street, November Project is for everyone regardless of age, fitness level or length of the hair.

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