#PR Pizza Day by @Stone_Hearth

Congrats to the many of you who got out of bed to rise and shine in today’s beautiful early morning conditions as members of your very own November Project. Today, as we all know, was the last Wednesday of the month. For those of you who are new and/or didn’t hear our announcement before we started our workout, the last Wednesday of the month is “PR Pizza Day” where any member who posts their best tour time will get a full pizza as a trophy. For all of you that PR’d on less than a tour, great job, but keep pushing towards that #1 if you want to get a PR Pizza trophy. Learning from June we had to get help to pay for the many FREE pies as many of you were chopping and trimming time left and right. That is where Stone Hearth Pizza came in. Only a few blocks from section #1 of the stadium, they specialize in quality ingredients that are organically grown and locally sourced. They also have the cleanest gluten-free pies for all you peeps that get an upset stomach when eating products that contain gluten. Their deal is this: If you put up a 26:40 today for all 37 sections and got a PR you’ll get a coupon next Wednesday for a 12″ pie at $2.64. You went 18:42 and got a PR!? Great. Your 12″ pizza is only $1.84. Get it? Not FREE but pretty much. Just helping them cover crust costs and all. Thanks for your support SHP!


Hills. If you don’t know by now, the hills are fun. We join hands and sing before the workout. We have fun. We are faster than those of you who have not yet been. Get there for the 6:30AM start and #EarnYourWeekend.


Last time we’re going to remind you: 5 or more workouts on the books with NP and you’ll get either $50 OFF at Marathon Spots or a FREE 1 YEAR Hubway Membership. Do the math. Get your bread.


Yes, New Balance is giving any November Project member that does 6 or more workouts with us a FREE pair of shoes from Marathon Sports (fitting by Marathon Sports in any location – must be a New Balance shoe). Any member that hits each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday workout and keeps a perfect record of attendance for the entire month will get the pumped up kicks FREE and $100 to the new New Balance store on Boylston St. That’s right, a FREE workout tribe that awards you with local partnerships just by getting out of bed and working out. Next month is going to be rad.

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7 Replies to “#PR Pizza Day by @Stone_Hearth”

  1. Had to bail before we signed the sheet:

    Keith M.- 37 sections in 31:36 (PR)

    Jana R – 37 sections in I don’t know final time but i was the last one and got a standing O!

  2. Another grand quote from our friend LindyBoneDavid:

    “what if i run 15 sections in 25 minutes
    how much is my pizza then?
    what like…..15.25 or something”

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