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Why is the month so November important? Because this is the month when you start acting like you need a gym membership or its “just too cold to be outside” seems to want to come out of your usually badass mouth or you just don’t have “the right gear”. With the holidays swarming around us and binge eating season in full swing, November is important month to set your positive workout/training patterns. Yes, this is the time of year to say, “I will not miss a single workout so that I can set my own pattern and I WILL blast through the entire winter without missing a beat.” Yes folks, that is the foundation to pushing through the colder months – set a pattern now. Drop your verbals. What about a full month long verbal? Badass? We like to think so. Try it.

Here is the deal, our friends from PUMA (don’t worry, they have local roots and train with our tribe already) are going to commemorate the month of November by awarding our members a weekly gear gift that will add up to what we’re calling the #NP_WinterKit by PUMA. Once a week, every member at a selected workout will be awarded the warm weather piece to what will add up to a full kit by the time December rolls around.

Gloves? Hats? Layers? Even jackets? Yes, it is going to be awesome. Here’s what makes #PUMA.Power even cooler: You will not know which workout of the week you’ll see these awards. You could show up on a WEDNESDAY at Harvard Stadium and see that everyone who completes the workout that morning is getting hooked up… but you won’t know until you get there. For those of you who “only go on WEDNESDAY.” This will give you even more of a reason to try all three workouts each week. PUMA & November Project™ could decide to award only #DestinationDecks this month. It could happen. You’ll just have to show up to everything if you’re interested in the full package.

So… Why is the month of November so important? Because if you don’t miss a sigle workout this month you will end up with the #NP_WinterKit. So… NOW what are your friends who are still on the fence joining NP going to say? #RecruitMoreRacers, #Rise&Shine, and you’ll feel the #PUMA.Power with your #NP_WinterKit @Nov_Project.

PS: Thanksgiving week we’ll have our only official workout on Monday so that we aren’t too spit up by those who travel. PUMA will be there. #TheTribeIsStrong

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9 Replies to “#PUMA.Power #NP_WinterKit @Nov_Project”

  1. Looks like I “picked” the wrong month to start traveling for work! Hopefully I won’t miss too much this week! See you all next Monday!

  2. Full month #verbal, check! Except this Friday, because I’ll be out of town. But if anyone will be celebrating in the city for Thanksgiving and wants to run the stadium or the hills with me that week in unofficial NP style, let me know!!

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