Thanks to Officer Brother

Last week, Brookline PD’s Officer Brother promised that he would be back and so did we. We kept our promise and so did he. As Bojan and I took turns leaning against his cruiser this morning talking about nothing and taking in the silence of all your billion fleet feet, pounding hearts, and jammin’ playlists that kept you sky high, there was little to say. I mean, Officer Brother has mentioned a number of times that he thinks what we’re doing is “cool” and “good for the community”. He is a good dude. Like all of you, he knows how to #Rise&Shine and does his job well.

Now you people! You are insane! 5 hills recording only your #TotalClimbTime without making a single sound? We thought you were as insane as we are for getting out of bed to contribute to November Project™ world takeover, but now you can do it without a making sound!?!? What’s next? Blindfolded #SafetyNinjas3?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but perhaps never as proud as I was today watching our tribe along side our friend, fan, and long term recruit (Officer Brother)… #TheTribeIsStrong.

MONDAY’S #DestinationDeck will gather at Sennott Park in Cambridge. Think Central Square… then add a dash of youth soccer… Yeah, it will be fun for sure. Let’s continue to build the #RunDeckRun Monday. Those who were there this week know just how weird things are getting at #DestinationDeck.

Scores are coming later.

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