#PiggyBackDashDeck @Nov_Project

Today’s assignment: Run to the #DestinationDeck location we posted on Friday. Once there, you were asked to line up from shortest to tallest without speaking a single word (this was great practice for our Friday #SafetyNinjas2 preparation). Once in order, we asked you to find your “buddy” (the person standing right next to you) and get into 8 lines to warmup.

Once warm, we all gathered around our decks to do the usual #DestinationDeck workout. Those of you who don’t miss a workout know by now that Monday’s are far from normal. The special “spice” in today’s deck was this: When you hear the always classic sound of the November Project™ cowbell, you and your buddy had to mount each other and run as a team.

#PiggyBackDashDeck was born. Each pair would race in one direction, switch positions without getting too sexual, and race back to their cards to continue on with the deck. When the deck was all flipped, done, over, and your name was written onto the sign-in sheet, you had to run home to complete the final 1/3 of the workout. #RunDeck(+Spice)Run.

For those of you with the day off today, enjoy. For those of you pretending to be at work while reading #grassroots #FREE #community based blogs about #PiggyBackDashDecks, enjoy. For those of you who still are not a part of this movement that will continue to gain speed even in the winter here in Boston… well, you know where to find us.

Nice work this morning November Project tribe. #EarnYourMonday #Rise&Shine #TheTribeIsStrong #PiggyBackDashDeck

(Sign-In Names Posting Soon)

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