Just Keep Showing Up!

Can you believe we are already at the end of April?! 2019 is flying by. How are you doing on the goals you’ve set for this year? Making progress or has it now become “one day” you’ll get around to it? That phrase has become a pet peeve of mine. We all have said it at one point or another. We all have friends we try to invite to the workouts or anything that challenges them to get out of their comfort zone.

Tomorrow marks the 109th Wednesday since we started free workouts in ATL. Trust me I’ve heard my fair share of “one day” and now I just laugh when I hear people say it. I hope we all keep pushing ourselves and each other to try new things because “one day” life will pass by. April has been a big month for November Project both on a local and global level. We announced that Brooks Running will now be our official apparel and footwear sponsor, #runhappy. NP Summit has been set for November 15-18th in Las Vegas during the Rock N Roll Marathon weekend. On the local level we’ve had many newbies show up for their first workout. Our veteran members continue to push the envelope and achieve new goals. Shout out to Allison Lerer, Sandy Lam, and all NP’ers for crushing the Boston Marathon last Monday. Now Sandy Lam heads to Big Sur next weekend to run the marathon there. Ok Sandy, we get it you’re a badass 😉

We also awarded the Positivity Award this month to Stephen Zambrzycki. I like this guy because he is a quiet badass. He doesn’t need to say much, be the loudest, or the most out going. He shows up, does his thing, and then heads to GA Tech for class. No excuses, he just keeps showing up and let’s his actions speak for him. Luckily we got Stephen to come out of his shell a little and say a few words about his experience coming to November Project. Hope you enjoy his story as much as we did!

“Hey, we have this group that does a workout tomorrow at 6:30am, want to come?” asked Jamey after a Tuesday night group run at Big Peach about two years ago. I said yes before I realized what time I would have to get up for another workout that was less than 10 hours away. To this day I’m glad I did it.

Took me a while to get use to the pre-dawn workout of the Fitlanta movement, but when you’ve got awesome leaders and an amazing crew there, it made it so much fun and motivating to go every week. The Fitlanta movement growing to become a November Project tribe feels like it just happened yesterday. To see all the events, press coverage, and achievements that the tribe and its members were accomplishing was awesome.

The workouts grew my strength and the tribe grew my motivation. During my time with the tribe, I was able run my first marathon where my previous two attempts of the same race were plagued with Achilles injuries that prevented me from running it. Not only the marathon, but I was able to race my first triathlon, my first trail race, I am less than a month away from running my first 50k, and other countless personal records broken because of the strength I gained from the exercises and the motivation of seeing others around me accomplishing many of their goals.  

Again, I would like to thank our tribe leaders Alexa and Christian along with everyone who comes to participate or helps with the workouts and events. Thank you again for the Positivity Award. Whether during the heat and humidity of the long southern summer or the freak snowstorm it’s awesome working out with each other. The weather proof mentality is what pushes us to achieve our next goals.

Like our motto says and what got me started in this tribe “Just show up!!”


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