Just Keep Showing Up!

Can you believe we are already at the end of April?! 2019 is flying by. How are you doing on the goals you’ve set for this year? Making progress or has it now become “one day” you’ll get around to it? That phrase has become a pet peeve of mine. We all have said it at one point or another. We all have friends we try to invite to the workouts or anything that challenges them to get out of their comfort zone. read more

Stein Esser – NP Came During a Time in my Life When I Really Needed It (ATL)

The below is a guest blog post from one of our longtime members, Stein Esser. He won ATL tribe’s Positivity Award, and has an amazing story to share. 

This week, I won the November Project Atlanta Positivity Award for being So Chill, So Popular™.

If you had told me a year ago that I would win something for being a positive influence on others around me (and have a catch phrase), I would never have believed you because I was in the midst of a particularly brutal, year long bout of depression. I’ve touched on it in a previous blog post,=&0=&but In light of recent events with the passing of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, I feel like I would be doing a disservice to this award if I didn’t share my own history with chronic depression.

I should first say that I am incredibly fortunate to have grown up with a loving family and friends. I had an amazing childhood and upbringing. If you ask people that know me, they’d say I’m kind of an oddball. I’ve always loved comedy and goofy humor. But at the same time, depression is something that I think I’ve always dealt with in some capacity. For me, I think it emanates from a deep fear of rejection and failure. As a pretty introspective person, those feelings of self-doubt could snowball into a constant barrage of negativity. As a result, I’d go through periods of depression that could last any amount of time. If I had to describe it, it’s like constantly hating yourself so much that your body hurts and you’d rather feel nothing. And so, to get by, you check out mentally and emotionally. While all of that is going on internally, to the outside world, you’re either a robot that’s going through the motions or an asshole that’s projecting negativity. It really fucking sucks.

Depression is really hard to talk about. The stigma of it all puts you in a shame cycle. Ideally, you could say, “Hey, my brain feels broken. Who can relate? WHOOOOO” (shout out to Logic). I’ve always been fortunate to have had people support me and help pull me back out of my depressive episodes.  They may not have known it, but their simple act of kindness or just reaching out really went a long way.

I am so grateful for all of the meaningful connections I’ve made and positive experiences I’ve felt this past year. I feel like my genuine self again and am more present than I can remember. Depression is something that I don’t think will ever leave me, but it’s more manageable. A philosopher named Sean Francis Early once said “Fuck them, Be you.”  For me, that’s a powerful message about being true to oneself and telling that negative self-doubt shit to fuck off. To win the Positivity Award means so much to me not only because of all I’ve been through but also because I’ve made it a goal to reciprocate those good vibes.  When a person seems checked out/low/sad/tired/depressed, just be there for them. It matters.

Here’s Stein’s speech that he gave for the Positivity Award. 

You can check out Stein’s hilarious Instagram stories by following him: @steincasso.

Stein – with so many expressions when he won the Positivity Award.



#GlobalRunningDay – 175 Strong! (ATL)

You guys…. WE DID IT!

Through a collaboration with 3 of Atlanta running community’s top ambassadors, we rang in #GlobalRunningDay with more than 175 people!

First, we have to thank our partners for this event because we couldn’t have done it without them! Thanks to your strong communities in Atlanta – Atlanta Track Club and Big Peach Running Co.! Also, we had a huge group from Back on my Feet Atlanta come out. We are so stoked and can’t wait for future collaborations!

This is what November Project is all about – working together and building a community centered around FREE fitness that is inclusive for everyone, all ages, all fitness levels. For #GlobalRunningDay it seemed like a no brainer to do a staple NP Sunrise 6k. 

Big Peach, the experts at hosting races in ATL, planned a 6k route around Georgia Tech. 6k=3.72 miles. WHY? Because why do people run 5ks? You know NP likes to be different. As the Sunrise 6k can sometimes be a competition, all who recorded the route on Strava will see their time –> https://www.strava.com/routes/13286724.

Thanks to the incredible pull of Atlanta Track Club spreading the word, the run even got a shout-out in Runner’s World!

The bounce was EPIC… we didn’t bother that we would potentially wake up people at 6am. (You live in the city, and this is one day a year!) After that, the group took off for their run (we were so big we had to go off in WAVES like a race. #goals)

As everyone finished, we brought them in with the cheer tunnel!

The day ended with a presentation of the Positivity Award to someone who’s life has changed through November Project… Stein Esser. We’ll get him to write up a blog post so he can shine in the spotlight… he’s a pretty hilarious guy!

See all the photos from the morning here.

June is BIG for November Project ATL!

How big? So many events we needed another blog to talk about them.

Number one goal: Break 100! We did it for Global Running Day, let’s do it again! 

In addition to our regular Wednesday and Friday workouts (always 6:27am) see below for special workouts and events!

Find all our workouts here.

Friday June 8

Grady Stadiums with DJ Rob Sessions | 6:27 AM | Grady High Stadium

Who else can say they ran stadiums and got in a hardcore workout WITH a DJ spinning beats… at 6:27 am? US in ATL.

Sunday June 10

Atlanta Streets Alive  | 4-8 PM 

We’re an activity partner so we’ll be out hosting fun pop-up workouts all evening long! Check out the Interactive Map (may be live Thursday 6/7) to find out where we are! Somewhere by Centennial Park.

Wednesday June 20

Hillpine Hill Runs | 6:27 AM | Meet at Orpheus Brewing

DIFFERENT WORKOUT LOCATION! We’re running Hillpine, a steep hill in Morningside neighborhood of ATL. We’ll meet near Orpheus brewing at our regular time. Here’s the meeting spot.

Saturday June 23

Bike. Run. Hike. Paddle. at Stone Mountain read more