Back to it (Ottawa)

Today we stormed the stadium, on a chilly and rainy morning. Back to the stairs, our home for the summer. What a crew showed up to take those stairs on with force. We started the season off with a PR day. Newbies got a PR, and others set themselves a baseline stair count for the season. Congrats to Seumas and Kayley, our fastest male and female this morning. Congrats to those who PR’d, though who made smart decisions to be able to walk for the next 5 days, for those who felt better than the last stair workout in the fall, for those who completed their first full tour (there and back 1 time), for those who showed up for the first time, and courageously joined the group. We applaud and appreciate all of you and your effort.

Today we started the morning off with a gratitude bounce. We bounced and thought about something we are grateful for. We can always practice a little bit of gratitude in our life. And being around wonderful people to start our day is a good opportunity to do this. We feel grateful for the stadium, a place to call our home. With this, we must respect the stadium and the people surrounded it. Instead of cheering across the stadium, we celebrated each other, pushed each other and encouraged each other when we passed people on the left up the stairs, or when they passed us on the stairs. Quiet interactions side by side, real and close human connection, can be very powerful and impactful when we are in the middle of the burn half-way up the stairs. Birthday whispers (the stadium edition) represented energy and enthusiasm coming out of jazz hands/spirit fingers, and resonated through the stadium. Though this energy looks different than loud cheers, it is truly meaningful. This respect will allow us to continue a positive relationship with TD place, OSEG and those who have so generously shared this space with us. Thank you for making that happen.

Thank you for sharing your morning, your energy and your time with us. We are glad you’re here.

Here’s to bringing “soles” together

Liz and Lauren


  1. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS (Thanks Dan!)
  2. NP social- tomorrow! Thursday, April 25th 6:30pm. See facebook event page for details. Meeting at Wild Oat Bakery 817 Bank Street
  3. Get ready for NP’s 2nd Birthday party- May 8th, tell your friends, exciting things that morning, including treats !
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