So much Love at LoveJoy (BOS 4.22.19)

This morning during the workout, we asked everyone to complete a fitness circuit, and included in the circuit was a pushup station. After finishing their set of pushups, we told everyone to lean out at the railing over Boston Harbor looking at the beautiful Zakim Bridge, and yell out “I love _____!” They could fill in the blank with anything they love. Here’s what they said (more or less) :

I love Erika. I love my cat. I love free fitness. I love Emily’s bike helmet. I love peanut butter. I love grandmama. I love JOY wharf. I love coffee. I love kombucha. I love kombucha too. I love November Project. I love how after these workouts my ass is so sore I can’t get in and out of my car. Thanks for that. I love apple pie. I love spring. I love sports. I love winter. I love burpees. I love pushups. I love my cat. I love peanut butter. I love jelly. I love NP. I love my girlfriend. I love my wife. I love pizza. I love tacos. I love Boston. I love marathons. I love stats. I love cake. I love twinkies. I love lamp. I love my cat. I love springtime. I love coffee. I love bike helmets. I love Chris Payne. I love libraries. I love Eeyore. I love my niece. I love sleeping in. I love Bunkah Hill.

Nothing like a little (or a lot) of love on a Monday to start the week off right!

NEXT MONDAY show up to Flagstaff Park at 6:29am for the workout.

WEDNESDAY is PR Day: come ready to race and get gear tagged. 5:29 & 6:29am.

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