November project… There’s no other way to describe it other than an amazing experience! When I first heard about it I had to ask Roz “Will I be the oldest person amongst the 20 somethings?” She assured me that there would be others closer to my age group, over 30! I committed to go if it was not colder than -15. When I woke up that February morning 2017, it was actually -15 exactly and I don’t like to break promises.

I was greeted at 6:29 with hugs from complete strangers, overwhelmed with such a warm welcome on such a cold day. A small group of 15 people that morning circled me as they bounced, to my surprise, starting the workout with a big ol F… ya! They proceeded to whisper my name each time anyone came into contact with me. This sounds a little creepy but oddly enough it made me feel part of this group! I quickly came to realize that speed, strength or age were not an issue. The most important thing is that you show up and participate, whatever that may look like for you. I have been spotted replacing burpees with snow angels, no big deal, still moving my body!!!

The support and encouragement that this group of people dishes out every Wednesday morning is definitely what has kept me coming back for two years and counting.

Some of you may remember a day early in May when I lost my car key in the lake! Steven quickly volunteered to go in and retrieve it without hesitation. Lucky for me, I think the water would have been over my head not to mention freezing cold!

I’m lucky that I’ve been able to continue meeting up with this amazing group of people every Wednesday. I’ve watched it grow to over 100 at times and I have met so many incredible new friends of all ages and walks of life. I’m so glad that I decided to JUST SHOW UP!!! (at times just for coffee)



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