Hoppy Easter (YEG)

I had a blast this morning watching everyone race around Kin Park looking for eggs and carrying out various exercises! Thank you for choosing to just show up and trusting that we will always have something fun planned for you!

Here are 10 things I learned this morning:

  1. Easter eggs hunts are the obvious Easter Monday workout
  2. It’s hard to hide from your group when you have a balloon tied to your wrist
  3. Geese can be pretty aggressive when you interrupt their early morning grazing
  4. Finding burpees eggs aren’t quite as fun as chocolate eggs
  5. An Easter workout isn’t complete without Batman
  6. Fuzzy pink bunny onesies are the perfect layer for a brisk April morning
  7. Days off are best started at 4:45 am so I can hang with my community
  8. Finding 50 eggs in 30 minutes might be an unrealistic goal
  9. Photo symmetry is important to 6-year-olds
  10. Nadim can be intimidated by a Canadian goose protecting his plastic eggs – finders keepers in the wild!

#justshowup 6 AM

  • Wednesday – 28:19 Race Day @ Royal Glenora Stairs
  • Friday – Walterdale Hill
  • There are still a few buffs left – see Rob or Nadim if you want to buy one

Until next time…SMILE! J

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