Holiday Monday

H I P P P P P Y have a hippy hoppy day, H I P P P P Y hope you have a good day today. To be fair this bounce really didn’t make any sense when we practiced it but a solid effort was put forth by everyone this morning. Happy Monday. You may have had to work today, maybe you opted to work and saved your holiday day for another day. Or maybe you are basking in the plus 17 degree weather we are currently having out on a patio. Wherever you are we hope that this morning brought you more connections, more scavenger like inhibitions, more soakers, and more sore legs from the hill climbs. You might have been fortunate enough this morning to have a voice let you know where to find some of the hidden eggs. Maybe you found one egg and 7 letter R’s. We hope that you found it challenging to search in a quick fashion while the remainder of your team held a superhuman pose, a plank, some variation of a power-stance or a chair pose.

Here are some photos to prove that all of the above did in fact occur this morning.

Thank you for sharing your energy and your morning with us on this beautiful Monday.

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


  1. Wednesday we are in TD Place Stadium #justshowup 6:29AM
  2. Thursday, April 25th 6:30 PM: Mural Run meeting at the Wild Oat on Bank Street 6:30 PM
  3. Buffs are $5.

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