Dear Mental Illness

Happy mental health awareness month! Has anything ever been more ironic than celebrating mental health during a pandemic? 

As mental health awareness and May come to an end, I wanted to talk about my experience around mental health and community. Specifically, this community.  

This is what mental health awareness month means to me, take it with a grain of salt because everyone’s experience will be different. Also, this feels like a good place to put a trigger warning for severe depression/mental illnesses. If you’re not in a place where you feel strong enough to read about another person struggling, that’s totally chill. Move along, this will be here when you’re feeling better. <3  read more

It’s snowing BANANAS(Ottawa)

How NP Amsterdam Is Helping Me Build My Confidence Back – by Dani Holmes-Kirk

Dani Holmes-Kirk

Today is Dani’s ONE year November Project Anniversary!! Gefeliciteerd!!
It took her a while to join us, but we are so glad she did! Dani shows up with high spirits, smiling from ear to ear, colourful & sparkly, and ready to give it her all. You can wake her up for NP cheertunnels and is a pro at #runselfies.

This is Dani’s story of expat life in Amsterdam, finding community & confidence. read more

freshest of the fresh (Ottawa)

It feels like we’ve seen a lot of each other recently. If you’ve been out of town for the last week here in Ottawa here’s a quick synopsis of what’s gone down.

To start last Wednesday, we raced, crushed or attempted to crush some PR’s. We passed off the Positivity Award to a woman within our city who inspires and leads by example for other families, friends and some moms out there too. The Sparkettes are a force to be reckoned with. On Friday some of you met us on the hill. It really wasn’t that big of an occasion. I mean two people who consistently show up decided to commit the rest of their lives to one another. There currently is no better love story than that of Lauren and Seumas except maybe my own parents but then again I did not bear witness to it, so it’s hard to say. These two let us share in a part of their magical, making your skin have goose bumps because of all the love filled day. Even more, Friday morning was another time for us to gather and celebrate with people that we were familiar and unfamiliar with. Members of November Project Baltimore and Edmonton graced us with their presence. read more

NP_Phx_Family Feud Begins

The Valley of the Sun kicked off May Day in style as NP_Phx_FamilyFeud has officially begun! This morning saw Team Blue, Team Red, Team Yellow, and Team Green duke it out in an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) circuit workout consisting of squats, leg lifts, box jumps, burpees, push-ups and stairs. The desert sun was intense but nothing compared to the focus on the competitors. read more

Just Keep Showing Up!

Can you believe we are already at the end of April?! 2019 is flying by. How are you doing on the goals you’ve set for this year? Making progress or has it now become “one day” you’ll get around to it? That phrase has become a pet peeve of mine. We all have said it at one point or another. We all have friends we try to invite to the workouts or anything that challenges them to get out of their comfort zone. read more

What Time???

When I moved from Calgary a few years ago, I began looking for a different kind of group work out that would be fun!  I did not have any success until last year. I was running in the Hungry Half and a group called November Project was doing the warm-up portion of it.  The person that led this warm up was Kwame and he stated that this group runs every Wednesday morning, meeting at the Sails at 6:29 am.  Rain or shine.  It is free. JUST SHOW UP!!!  WHAT 6:29 AM????  What sane person would wake up so early to do that???  read more

My name is CARLI

Hello Everyone!

My name is Carli, nice to meet you all! I am the quiet one in the pink sweater.

I have been apart of the tribe since October 2018 and have been there almost every week since I started going. I have been following NP on Instagram for a few years now and have wanted to join in but was afraid to go alone. When I saw my good friend Jordan was going I knew it was time to join the tribe!
read more

November Project is Kelowna’s welcome wagon


My first impression of Kelowna can be described in 2 words:


I had lived in Kelowna for a grand total of 6 hours before I met Roz. The way I see it, November Project is Kelowna’s welcome wagon. At least that’s the way it went for me. 

It was Sunday. I was walking down Pandosy to meet a friend for coffee when I saw what I thought was a surfer chick standing at her car. Long curly hair, backward trucker hat, blue crop top, drinking coffee in the hot sun. Not coffee from a to-go mug, but a coffee cup resting on the roof of ther Volkswagen. This is the first friend I made in Kelowna. 
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