What Time???

When I moved from Calgary a few years ago, I began looking for a different kind of group work out that would be fun!  I did not have any success until last year. I was running in the Hungry Half and a group called November Project was doing the warm-up portion of it.  The person that led this warm up was Kwame and he stated that this group runs every Wednesday morning, meeting at the Sails at 6:29 am.  Rain or shine.  It is free. JUST SHOW UP!!!  WHAT 6:29 AM????  What sane person would wake up so early to do that??? 

It is almost a year since I went to my very first workout at the Apple Bowl!  I was sort of intimidated because most of the people that showed up  (quite a few) were quite fit and young and all so happy to be there!  I thought to myself  “What is wrong with these people?– nobody is so happy this early in the morning!”   The workout was quite challenging, but everyone there was very encouraging with high-fives and smiles!  I was HOOKED and haven’t missed many work outs since.  Even waking up early doesn’t bother me that much anymore.  

I love this NP Tribe as nobody EVER gets left behind!! You can be the slowest or fastest runner, do 1 Burpee or 10 Burpees (my favourite), or none. Modify it to your own workout – you do what you can and nobody judges.  The tribe has motivated me to do things I have not been comfortable doing and it makes me smile inside and out!   I am so very grateful that there is a NP Tribe here Kelowna!  

Aside from the workouts, the people are the kindest, friendliest, most genuine, wonderful, accepting, awesome people I have ever met!  GUARANTEED  warm hugs, words of encouragement, high fives and smiles. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, you are accepted!  

NP Kelowna also gives back to the community – Canadian Blood Services (blood drive), Cycle for Strong Kids, YMCA, United Way etc.  I also love that there are social functions throughout the year – Rockets games, night snowshoeing, night hikes and so many more!

Come out every Wednesday, as you will leave feeling energized and smiling all week long.  Give it a shot, you won’t regret it!!  I didn’t!!!!!

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