History WAS Made

History was made this morning!! For those of us that were determined enough not to hit snooze and drag ourselves out of bed this morning, we witnessed something spectacular! “Tell Me More!”, you say… Well, an athletic feat that we believed to be impossible was turned possible by none other than step forward King, Nadim Chin. “Did he perfect his own amazing move?!”, you ask… Well, that’s the most baffling part! He put on a performance of epic proportions in Jen’s excerise, the tuck jump. For one entire non-stop minute, Nadim had perfect 90 degree tuck form, 3 feet of vertical and feet rebounding off the ground at a rate of 154 JPM (jumps per minute). Nadim, we bow down to you and your tuck jump mastery. Instead of sharing stories about the time I saw Glenn Anderson score the Stanley Cup winner, I’ll be telling dinner parties about what I witnessed this morning at the Legislature grounds. For those looking for a Tuck-off… I dare you to try the King! 🤴🏽

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