April Snow Day Badges and Podcasts (Ottawa)

From the local level, you may not have recognized the support from The North Face, the partnership of November Project… 4.5 years of building this global community and worldwide free fitness movement. The NorthFace supported the growth of 16-49 cities worldwide and share the vision of getting more people exploring outside. The North Face chapter closes and NP is looking forward to exciting things to come! Feel free to read https://november-project.com/the-north-face-chapter-closes-thank-you-for-4-5-years-of-world-takeover-exploring/

Sometimes we think by the time April rolls around, we think of spring showers to bring May flowers… or when you are in Ottawa, we think snow and more SNOW DAY BADGES. A crew got to collect their Snow day badge this morning, as we had a snow day on Monday. Today, we learned that Ottawa experienced 147 days of at least 1cm of snow on the ground, beating the record by 3 full days! (Thanks for the facts of the day Rebecca!). This is a cool place we live- showing up every Wednesday always puts a smile on our face, no matter how dark, cold, or wet it gets and however long that lasts, it’s made better with all of you.

Take some time this week to listen to some of our thoughts on this community, one that you have all contributed to, and continue to contribute to. We always say this community is built on the next Wednesday.. each Wednesday you show up, and give your all. Thank you Kelsey and the Endurance Capital Podcast .


  1. Easter Monday workout (April 22)- Arboretum
  2. May 8th- 2nd Birthday Celebrations- stay tuned
  3. Next week- Supreme Court
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