It’s snowing BANANAS(Ottawa)

And just like that it’s winter again. It’s BANANAS! Snow has fallen upon the roofs, sidewalks, and windshields of buses and cars across the city. To be exact a 14.40cm of snow has fallen since Monday afternoon. Making our bare trees turn into those whimsical, full of life figures much like life in a glittery, snow globe.

Last year, we brought out the Snow Day Badge and by-jolly it’s back. This badge is given out to any member that shows up on Wednesday morning if and when there has been a snow day on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday that same week. Beyond from the badge being the cutest, most sought after November Project collection item it represents your willingness to embrace it all. Embrace the weather, embrace the workout, embrace the darkness and embrace those who choose to show up. Low and behold the #snowdaybadge.

Last year we answered some of the main questions regarding the snow day badge but here are some others that we should air out:

What we think you may be thinking….

“Hey, my mom really thinks that November Project badge is cute can I have one for her?”

Short answer: NO.

What we really mean to say is…

“Hey you, who loves coffee and chatting why don’t you encourage your mom to come join us for a workout on a Wednesday? If there happens to be a snow day on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday leading up to our workout and she shows up then she’s in luck.”

What we think you may be thinking….

“I don’t go to school and I don’t take the bus so how does this snow day badge apply to me?”

How we can answer this for you….

“Morning friend, who is an avid bike commuter and loves recycling we believe that the snow day badge is for EVERYONE who shows up. Just like you on your bike or the person commuting beside you in a car snow days affect everyone. Usually, it’s by the amount of snow that we receive but it does impact your day. Also, isn’t a little fun to think back to when you may have missed school because of a snow day.”

Finally, what we think you may be thinking….

“HELL YES! Ottawa has had a record amount of snow days, so here comes my record amount of snow day badges that I get to cover my jacket with!”

Short answer: NOPE, not happening.

What we really mean to say is…

“Friends of all ages that drink water and/or milk, let us tell you that once you receive your first and only #snowdaybadge you hold onto it for dear life and attach it to your most prized article of clothing to show it off constantly.”


  1. Friday, November 15th at 7pm BOWLING SOCIAL happening at West Park Bowling find location here:
  2. December 25th is Christmas and we are hosting a Good Old Hockey game.It is exactly what it sounds like, even if you don’t own a hockey stick!
  3. Next week we are meeting at the Centennial Flame 6:29am
  4. You are awesome. Keep shining !
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