Monday on a Hill + Winter is Coming (BOS)

Don’t get worried about Mondays turning into Friday hills. We simply held the workout up at the highest point in Roxbury–overlooking the downtown skyline–next to the Fort Hill Tower, which was built in the late 1700s. There’s some seriously old stuff here in Boston, which is one of the many reasons that Monday workouts are so awesome–we literally explore the city one park/parking lot/historical site/alley way at a time–and if you make sure you show up to those workouts, you learn this city in a way you never would have before.

So if you haven’t been to any high points in Boston or the surrounding area, then start showing up to NP on Mondays. The location is always here in the Monday blog, it’s always posted on the Instagram bio link, and it’s always in the old school NP Tracker, if you still want to use that.

And while we’re at it, let’s refresh ourselves about winter.


Yup. The season in Boston that reminds us how hardy we are–which challenges our minds and souls to toughen up–which literally tests our bodies to see if we can tolerate and overcome the frigid temperatures, piles of snow, dangerous ice, and everything else it throws at us. Winter really is coming. So there really are two things you need to know, as we look at a Wednesday this week that will dip into the coldest temps we’ve had in a long while.

remember: we are #weatherproof

One of the very biggest reasons that November Project started in the first place was how daunting and hard and challenging and unmotivating it is to get outside and move in healthy, happy, fitnessey ways during the freaking winter. It’s cold. It’s dark most of the time. It’s cold. It snows. You get cold in your shoes. You get cold on your hands. Your nose drips and your eyes water. It’s all the things that are WAY EASIER to just stay inside, in order to avoid. But being weatherproof is choosing to be tougher than the cold. Choosing to show up even when it’ll be difficult or a little uncomfortable. It’s choosing to start the day in motion, outside–rather than having your movement limited and restricted by outside forces. It’s knowing that whatever winter can throw at us, we are always going to show up and be stronger as individuals and stronger as a community. #Weatherproof is absolutely a mindset. And in order to live up to that mindset without actually freezing to death, it’s also about what you wear…

remember: layers

The following information comes directly from our good friends at NP_YEG (which is Edmonton), and which was the first of the NP cities in Canada. They are genius about communicating winter, how to live through winter, how to dress for winter, and how to have a sense of humor about winter. My good friend Nadim wrote the following so that everyone can be informed, smart, and truly #WEATHERPROOF, which ultimately means having the right gear layered in the right way to stay warm, happy, and alive while working out in the outdoors all year long.

There are three key layers: Base layer, mid layer and outer layer. 

Base layer: The key to a good base layer is to have a material that will wick sweat away. Cotton does not wick sweat away, so you’ll want to avoid it. Merino or tech tees are your best bet here. Usually, this is a thin layer. If you sweat and you’re not wicking away the moisture on your skin, your body temperature will drop quickly. Don’t let that happen. 

Mid layer: This is your warmth layer. I have my thicker fleecier layers here. This is where I make my changes based on how cold it is. I’ll wear a thin mid layer, or a thicker mid layer, or even a double mid layer. 

Outer layer: This is the last piece you’ll put on. This is the layer that will protect you from the wind or the snow or water. Ideally, you want a windproof, and/or waterproof layer that is breathable. 

Every layer you have (as long as it’s not tight) will create air pockets which will trap heat as you work out. This will keep you warm. This is good.

There you have it folks, we’re winter ready, weatherproof AF, and excited about everything the next few months have to offer. Don’t let yourself start making those same old excuses you know we all have inside us–they’re there, but they don’t have to stop us from moving, being fit, and living happy, active lives.

See you WEDNESDAY for the Stadium.


FRIDAY guest co-leaders: NP Summit is this weekend, in Las Vegas. Many of you are going, and please have a wonderful, fun, fast, SAFE weekend there. For everyone staying in Boston, WE HAVE A WORKOUT ON FRIDAY 11/15, and the Mom/Son duo of Louise and Ari will be leading the workout. You know Louise– she’s the nicest, fiercest woman you wish was your mom out on the hills with us. And you know Ari–he’s a speedy AF runner, and the only one who can really say Louise IS his mom out on the hills.

MONDAY guest co-leaders: we will still be traveling back from Las Vegas on Monday, so everyone in Boston will get the great pleasure/challenge of having our very own Dana Bogan leading the workout Monday 11/18 at 6:29am. It’ll be a super duper quiet (Brookline!) workout at the Coolidge Corner School playground. The map is HERE. #JustShowUp!!!

We will be back to our regularly scheduled programming on Wed 11/20.

order your buffs

If you haven’t already, order your buffs for this winter: Read all about it, and order yours for $5 each, right HERE!

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