If you’ve been counting (you likely haven’t), today was our 989th workout. It also means that we are a few weeks away from workout #1000.


I’m going to keep this countdown… up… (countup?) going until we hit #1000. I can’t wait. It’s a pretty cool milestone that I’m pumped about.

Workout #989 was a mix of all three of our workouts each week: Strength, hills and stairs.

Anyway, it’s rare, but all of myself, Jen and Rob are out of the province/country/continent for the rest of the week. That means you all get some babysitters! As a kid, I used to love it when we had a babysitter come. That was up until our babysitter tied us to the pipes in the basement when we were younger. We were stuck there until our parents came home and untied us. Anyway, I have no idea what they have in store from you, but hopefully they don’t tie you to any pipes.

Was today a button day? No

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