Just Keep Showing Up!

Can you believe we are already at the end of April?! 2019 is flying by. How are you doing on the goals you’ve set for this year? Making progress or has it now become “one day” you’ll get around to it? That phrase has become a pet peeve of mine. We all have said it at one point or another. We all have friends we try to invite to the workouts or anything that challenges them to get out of their comfort zone. read more

I like the way you work it! Go PVD!

Here in Providence, we have had the threat of thunderstorms for days – you can cut the humidity with a knife. Yet our tribe is determined, and showed up to crush stairs for PR day – for 40 minutes, we pushed ourselves and earned the drenched shirts and sweaty glows!

We had a surprise guest join us  – Johnny Villella, a videographer for WPRI Channel 12, heard about the hype and joined us at 5:27am to see if it was real. He shared that the vibrancy, excitement, and the vibe was contagious! He could not believe how many people got up before dawn to challenge themselves for a PR on the Rhode Island State Capitol! He took the time to interview a few tribe members. To hear them share the joy, camaraderie and energy they receive and how much they look forward to Wednesdays was inspiring – it reminded me of how good this is, and how much we can benefit each other by getting out of our comfort zones by sharing a hug, a smile and a laugh!

We are reminded that this movement is real, the friendships that are forming are strong, and the transformation in our community is happening! We welcome you to share WPRI’s Street Stories, which will air Friday, July 27th at 6:15pm, where others can get a glimpse of the magic or recruit them to #justshowup next Wednesday!


8/5 – Run 4 Kerri – 4-mile road race in Matunuck, use code NovemberPVD2018 and save $5.

8/18 – Global Day of Climbing – Join our friends from The North Face at The Rock Spot in Lincoln, RI for a free opportunity to rock climb. Bring your kids and show them that walls are meant for climbing!

9/14-9/16 -#NPSUMMIT, November Project’s Annual gathering, will be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this coming September 14-16. You’ll want to sign up for the Endurance Challenge Wisconsin for a Saturday or Sunday race. Use NP20 for a 20% off discount.