Tribe Dominates the TV World

Recently, the Television visited Boston to tell the story of 10 cities of November Project or #Power10 as we call it. Despite our best efforts to include our friends from all the tribes the piece ended up being another BG/Bojan hype. So the #Power10 decided to combine their efforts and spend millions of dollars of production budget to produce this masterful edition of Universal Television Industries – UTI Breaking News!

Giant thanks to Erin Rose Larsen and Carl Sturgess for their selfless help in producing this and amazing video. And as always the people that we couldn’t imaging the world takeover without (in no particular order):

Laura and Just Clayton from San Francisco
Teddy T and [ghost DG] from Madison
Nadim and Jen from Edmonton
Lauren, Ashleigh and Jessie from San Diego
Flanniel and Molly from Denver
Danny and Steve from DC
Suzanne and Dan Layo from Philly
Nick, Sydney and Pat from Baltimore
Bobbie from Indy

You guys are amazing and hilarious and I love you all!

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