Denver, CO

The Denver “5280” (Mile High) crew meets twice weekly at both 5:30 & 6:15 AM:

  • FRIDAYS: We explore our city and meet at DIFFERENT DENVER PARKS (announced Thursdays on FB and IG) for a workout tailored to the venue of the week

So many of the people who call November Project Denver their home connect with others who inspire and challenge them to take on something new and difficult: many race their first 5K, half marathon, marathon, triathlon, and ultramarathon. Whether you are a seasoned athlete, returning from an injury, or you are using fitness as a means to grow your community, November Project Denver will be delighted each and every time you #justshowup – Check out November Project Denver via Facebook and Instagram for the latest happenings!

Currently, two fierce lady coleaders bring the spice to our weekly workouts:

  • Gabby Masucci, a Joisey (New Jersey) native realized the best parts of herself when she moved out to Colorado for college. Gabby grew up playing field hockey, ice hockey, and lacrosse and found a true love for running in Colorado. After joining November Project Denver in 2015, she began to explore all that the west had to offer through trail running, camping, and several solo road trips. While Gabby typically works out in the mornings, Wednesdays and Fridays with NP always leave a big smile on her face rain, snow, or shine.
Current coleader Gabby Masucci
  • Co-leader Erin Neil originally hails from the Grand Valley in Western Colorado, the land of high altitude deserts, the world’s largest flattop mountain, and Colorado wine country. She grew up playing soccer, dabbled in ultimate after college, and she discovered November Project as a way of connecting with a community after moving from Boulder to Denver. The lifelong friends Erin met through November Project encouraged her to rediscover her love of trail running, and she enjoys the best of Colorado’s year-round recreation including hiking, camping, backpacking, climbing, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.
Current co-leader Erin Neil

We would be remiss if we didn’t tip our hats to and express sincere gratitude for the coleaders who started and grew November Project Denver:

  • NP Denver was started by Dan “Turboletti” Berteletti, a Bostonian who craved the natural playgrounds and freedom of the Colorado lifestyle. Following a year of full immersion with the Boston crew, Turbo had no doubt that the active Denver community would embrace the positive vibes of November Project.
  • Co-leader, “Mass General” Molly Thayer played hockey, tennis, soccer, & curling throughout high school. She discovered her love of Boloco burritos while attending Northeastern University, and found balance to her appetite through November Project-BOS before moving to Denver.
NP5280 Co-Leaders Lieutenant Flanniel & General Molly
Generation 1: Coleaders Lieutenant Flanniel & General Molly
  • Co-leader, Matthew “Sarge” Sellen has been running and playing team sports since he was 11. During college he discovered  lifting weights, but missed the camaraderie of being on a team, so he joined a triathlon club to train for his first Ironman. Leaving the gym behind, Matthew now opts to run and play outside with his friends.
November Project Denver Leader Matthew Sellen
Generation 2: Former coleader Matthew Sellen
  • Co-leader, Ryan “Major Woody” Wooderson grew up in Kansas playing basketball and running before discovering ultimate frisbee in college.  It was only on his second tour living in Denver that he discovered the magic of November Project and the benefits of waking up before the sun to work out with his friends.
NP 5280 Co-Leader Ryan Wooderson
Generation 2:  Former coleader Ryan Wooderson

23 Replies to “Denver, CO”

  1. My son just moved to Littleton to attend Colorado Center for the Blind. He is 23 and just ran in Rio for Team USA Paralympics. He’s train for California International Marathon in December and needs some running support. He has some vision and guiding consists of running a step ahead of him and calling out obstacles. Also showing him some nearby trails could be a great help.

    1. I live about half a block from the center for the blind. I am 28 and run between 20-30 miles a week and would be up for guiding your son around Littleton! The easiest way to get ahold of me on this public forum is to look me up on instagram @mattkeeny. Cheers, Matt

    1. Donatella, Boulder has a pledge group! They’re called the Ascenders Project on Facebook and they meet Tues/Thurs.
      We also have a handful of people who drive every week from Boulder. Show up in Denver some week and meet our crew!

  2. I have some disabilities but am wondering if I would be able to participate at all. Even if it was making a buddy who lived in City Park West who would want to carpool (and perhaps I could do some exercise to my ability while y’all ran stairs etc?) it would be accountability for me and a huge step forward. I do not use accessibility aides at this time other than needing something to sit on when I can no longer stand so I am thinking this has some real possibilities. What do you all think? Would one of the organizers be willing to talk with me directly about my concerns? Thanks!

    1. Hi Sherrill,
      My name is Ryan, one of the co-leadership. Send me a message on Facebook and I’ll answer any questions you have! We’d love to have you!

  3. Hi! Any chance anyone will be starting a Colorado Springs chapter soon? With my work schedule, I’m unable to make it to Denver on weekdays to join!

  4. I think this is a great idea and something I can totally get behind. Doing fitness is hard, but everyone coming together to promote fitness will likely keep me going and less likely to quit. Having said that, I love the cake in that photo. XD I’m also glad that the tribe welcomes everyone regardless of their fitness and experience, because I am very far from what you would call “fit”. Cheers!

    1. Hi Charles!

      Thanks for your comments. You’re spot on. Fitness is hard, but fitness with strangers who become your friends is WAY easier! Hoping to meet you at a workout soon! Follow us on Facebook at November Project – Denver, Instagram at @novemberproject5280 for updates on workout locations!

  5. Hello! I’m planning to be in Denver in the coming months for an event I’m organizing. Do you need a permit to run the steps at the Capitol or to run in the park with your group size?

    Any information/help you can provide would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Rupa,
      Because we’re a free organization, we’ve not been asked to sign a permit to use the Capitol stairs. We do have a standing agreement with Civic Center Conservancy as well, to be able to utilize the public space of Civic Center Park.
      Check us out on Facebook at November Project – Denver, or Instagram @novemberproject5280.

      Hope to see you at a workout when you’re in town!

  6. Holy Moley! You guys take your fun seriously in Denver. I’ve been to Denver and while I didn’t have any problem with the higher elevation, I can’t imagine doing crazy things like plyometrics, stair climbs, and sprint circuits without needing an oxygen mask. Anyone who does these exercises must be in great shape. Your November project will definitely keep people fit!

  7. Looks like the tribe in Denver know how to have a good time. I’m amazed at the number of November projects that are now in many cities. It’s good to see people enjoying their hometowns regardless of the weather. If you’re going to live there, why confine yourself to certain months of the year when you can go outside and have fun 365 days a year!

  8. These folks in Denver know how to have a good time. Sounds like a fun way to enjoy the seasons without forking out a lot of cash. Personally, I’m not very athletic so I don’t know if this would be my idea of entertainment, but I know lots of other people who would enjoy this.

  9. Coming into CO for Pikes Peak Marathon on August 20th from Minneapolis. Can’t wait to run with you guys Wednesday Aug 21st! Any chance you can have shirt tag available that day? My Minneapolis NP peeps would love to see my new np5280 tag when I come home! I’ll follow the FB page for the location when the date gets closer.

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