Edmonton, AB Canada


Edmon… what?


The City of Champions is found in the western part of Canada and this city is, for at least half the year, a winter wonderland. We put the term #weatherproof to the test with temperatures going lower than -30C (or -22F for our American friends) making it one of the toughest winter climates on the planet. As much as that description may lead you to believe, it is not always cold here…it can even be…warm. In the summer months we are blessed with sunny skies before 5am which makes our 6am start time seem like the middle of the morning!

(Check out more photos here)

Sun, snow, rain, frost or hail – nothing can stop the November Project Canada crew from doing the bounce and screaming a good ol’ “fuck yeah” each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

No we don’t represent all of Canada but we were the first Canadian city and the fourth in the world – in homage to this history the name has stuck.

Since 2013 our community has met three times a week at 6am

Check out our social media accounts to see what our crew is crushing any given week.

There is no registration and there are no fees; all you have to do is Just Show Up. Every person no matter their fitness level is welcome. No matter your age, you are welcome. No matter what your look like, you are welcome. Our leaders and members will do everything they can to let you feel welcome in the community and to enjoy the workout.

These folks are currently co-leading NPCan:



Major EventsDates
Tagging day (bring one lightly coloured shirt)Aug 19, 2022
Old 96er/Gristle Aug 24, 2022
Don’t know what something is? Come ask us in-person or over social media. Not seeing a special event? Where is the slip-n-slide day, the ice castle workout, the dragon boat racing, the 300 workout, etc.? Some things will always be kept as a surprise! The dates above might change and we may need to add/remove things. We’ll keep this as updated as possible and we’ll include any updates in our weekly blogs.

The History of NP Canada

2013 – NHL defencemen, Andrew Ference, made his way back to his hometown of Edmonton after signing a contract to become the Oiler’s captain. He thought to himself what better way to get settled back into town than continuing the November Project movement that he had lovingly experienced during his time in Boston. Within a few weeks of starting November Project Canada, he put the responsibility of leading this group onto his sister Jen Ference and a random dude who liked to play outside, Nadim Chin. Together Andrew, Jen, and Nadim shaped the sandbox that is NP Canada for all our members to play in.

2018 – The trio thought that Rob McDougall had a nice beard and decided to bring him on as a co-leader too.

2019 – Andrew hung up his hat as a co-leader of NP Canada. We wore Andrew’s face on our shirts, ran stairs, and ate cake/cookies in honour of him. We are forever grateful for what he brought to our city.

2020 – Jen and Nadim decided that they could use a few sleep ins. After 7 years leading NP Canada, they deserved it.  These two global legends of November Project hung up their hats as co-leaders with a final 6k sunrise run.

Also 2020 – Rob needed a partner and thought that Lazina Mckenzie, long time NPer – who, turns out likes running in the winter – would make a good co-leader.

The future

So long as there is one person willing to #justshowup, NP Canada will always be here.… and yes, if you are out there with us as the thermometer dips below -30, you’ll be sure to earn an NP Canada badge of honour. #weatherproof

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17 Replies to “Edmonton, AB Canada”

    1. Edmonton works out 3 times a week. Check their facebook page for locations they fridays for sure change every week. The best way to learn more is to #justshowup. And as a result have a good day!

  1. We’re sharing details of our Best of YEG Fitness Awards event with those who were nominated for awards before releasing details and tickets to our followers. Your were nominated as Best Free Fitness, and I wanted to let you know about the event.

    We’re hosting the January launch party for the magazine in combination with our Best of YEG Fitness Awards on Jan 4 at Central Social Hall downtown. We’ll be handing out awards to all winners at the event and hope some of your staff and guests will be able to make it out.

    More details about the event are at https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/january-launch-party-featuring-the-best-of-yeg-fitness-awards-2016-tickets-29583023620

    Please share with your group and let them know that special ticket prices for nominees and their guests are only in effect until November 27 when we will be releasing tickets to our readers.

    Hope you can make it out.

  2. Awesome presentation at Servus Credit Union event at Shaw Conference Centre Edmonton. It is great to learn about this type of project. Congratulations on success.

  3. Hey, I would like to join this running club. Can I please get more details on where you meet, what days and time. Thanks!

    1. November Project is for all levels and abilities! Check out the “locations” link above for more info on meeting places and times.

  4. I need to try this. I use to be in program called FACT in high school we would biked, run and did swimming 3 days a week before school started at 7:15 am and on Fridays we would run.
    I do the Glenora Stairs all the time and the Victoria Park Golf course stairs.
    It has been along time since I have had to wake super early for something.

  5. Is the November Project still “on” in Edmonton during the COVID situation? I see under np continues that it may not be.
    Can you send info about virtual NP events that work around Edmonton’s time zone?
    We were thinking of recommending that Edmonton Rowing Club members take part in NP as part of cross-training instead of sitting on rowing machines ALL winter.

  6. Hello,

    I am looking to join a fitness group to meet new friends. Is this group still on? Can I join now or in the spring/summer? And how do I join?

  7. Good morning do you have age restrictions? I am 55 I’m not the fittest person but I’m working on it every day and I am new to the area I have a sister in Warrenville and a friend in Panoka so really nobody very close. I used to volunteer my time and a new community to get to know people but it gets a little depressing after a while and I would like to try something different. What do you have coming up?

  8. I love this group very much! I lived in Edmonton in year 2018-2020. I ran with this group in each Friday morning at 6:00am no matter what the weather was and I loved every moment with this team and every people in there. I came back to Toronto at the end of 2020 and I miss this group so much!!! Hopefully, by someday I can come back to meet you again, best wish all of you!!!

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