Stadiums Will Rock You! (ATL)

There is something about Stadium Fridays that gives off an energy of excitement the night before despite the fact you know it’s going to kick your ass. I arrived at the stadium at about 5:45 this morning to get warmed up and help DJ Rob Sessions setup his equipment before the ATL Tribe showed up. At 6:10am I got nervous because the clouds in the sky looked mean and a few rain drops were starting to come down. The last thing I wanted was to get the DJ’s equipment wet considering he drives 30 minutes to spin for us out of the goodness of his heart. We rolled the dice and went for it anyway, and thank God the clouds started to part right at 6:27am. read more

#GlobalRunningDay – 175 Strong! (ATL)

You guys…. WE DID IT!

Through a collaboration with 3 of Atlanta running community’s top ambassadors, we rang in #GlobalRunningDay with more than 175 people!

First, we have to thank our partners for this event because we couldn’t have done it without them! Thanks to your strong communities in Atlanta – Atlanta Track Club and Big Peach Running Co.! Also, we had a huge group from Back on my Feet Atlanta come out. We are so stoked and can’t wait for future collaborations! read more

Friday Stadiums are for Live DJs [ATL]

We broke so many records this morning.

First, let’s start with my fears. We were planning on having a DJ at the high school where we do our stadiums. Yes, we have permission. No, we didn’t tell them we had a DJ. But we put it out there. LIVE DJ – at the Stadium.

I had nightmares that only NP leaders would have. What if today is the day the stadium is locked? What if the generator doesn’t work and the DJ doesn’t have power? What if the cops show up? read more

Welcome Back Warm Weather!

Today was our monthly First Friday workout at Piedmont Park, Atlanta’s biggest and one of the most popular parks. What a beautiful morning it was! We’re thankful for our partnership with the Piedmont Park Conservancy for hosting us each month!

It felt so amazing to just be able to wear a t-shirt and shorts once again. No more excuses of it’s too cold or too dark in the morning. We are so excited to see more people coming out to the workouts and so grateful to those committed tribe members that stuck with us through the cold winter months. 6:27 am struck and the sun was peaking out as we came together for the bounce led by the oh soooo chill and sooo popular Stein Esser. read more

Bring Back the 80s! (ATL)

Wisconsin Notes

ATL Tribe took a time machine to the 80s this morning with an 80s inspired aerobics workout!

Tribe Leader Alexa looked like she literally time traveled from 1985, wearing her mom’s neon jacket and normal attire that owns and wears on a regular basis.

Christian AKA Richard  Simmons had a bleach incident with his afro and it turned out yellow. read more

Adults Can Have Easter Egg Hunts too! (ATL)

Wisconsin Notes

  • Rainy fields forced us to improvise and hide eggs on the pavement streets of Piedmont Park.

  • It was Chicks (girls) vs Rabbits (boys).

  • The workout ended up moving A LOT quicker than we expected…
  • soooo Alexa and Christian may or may not have hidden eggs AGAIN after tribe members found them.
  • Some people were pissed.
  • read more

    How to Run a Kick Ass Cheer Station (ATL)

    The November Project ATL tribe ran what was possibly the best cheer station ever seen at an Atlanta race. (Okay, WE think so, there was no official award.) We spent 5 hours spreading good vibes and cheering on runners for Atlanta’s biggest spring race, the Publix Georgia Half and Full Marathon. The runners loved it and we were greeted with smiles, words of thanks, high fives and more! Thanks to all the tribe members that came out to help us make it a memorable race for everyone – Ben, Stein, Niamh, Julia, Andrea, Emma, Maddie, Tim, Gabi, Dara, Alexa, Danielle, Courtney and Chris (WHO CAME ON HIS BIRTHDAY!!) read more

    Bringing Olympics Back to ATL (Winter Edition)

    This morning, we brought back the Olympics to ATL… winter edition!

    Now a confession, the tribe leaders (Christian and myself) DID get some ideas from fellow tribe leaders for this, so a huge thanks goes to those who gave us ideas!

    And this infographic. We basically used it to plan almost all of our moves. read more