Bringing Olympics Back to ATL (Winter Edition)

This morning, we brought back the Olympics to ATL… winter edition!

Now a confession, the tribe leaders (Christian and myself) DID get some ideas from fellow tribe leaders for this, so a huge thanks goes to those who gave us ideas!

And this infographic. We basically used it to plan almost all of our moves.

The Atmosphere
We set the mood with some random Spotify playlist that had orchestral Olympic music… all the random scores you hear briefly before NBC goes to commercial break. I think it made everyone feel epic.
For our teams, we had slips of paper with every country in the Olympics, and teams of two drew their country. A few countries were celebrated… see awards ceremony at the end.

The Workout
Christian visited the NP NYC tribe on Friday and got the idea for a two-person relay: one person does a specific exercise move for 100 reps while the other does a sprint – and then they switch. Once the team gets to 100 reps, they move on to the next exercise.

When combining some Olympics-inspired moves, we got the following:
Speed Skating – skaters (100)
Luge – mountain climbers (200)
Ski Jumping – jump squats, or modification air squats (100)
Freestyle Skiing – bird dog, aka plank raising opposite arm and leg (100)
Slalom – sideways box jumps onto bench, or modification left to right plank rotation (100)
Cross Country Skiing – standing Russian twists (200)
Snowboarding – 180 degree rotation jumps (100)
Curling – tricep dips (100)
Figure Skating – one legged pistol squats (100)
Skeleton – military push-ups (100)

In the end, people’s arms were sore, because the back half of the workout was very arm-heavy. Next time, we may add in the push ups early on in between all the jumps and squats.

Once the top 3 teams finished, the “Games” were over and we moved to the final portion of the workout.. .the Bobsled relay.

This time, two countries teamed up to create a four-person Bobsled team. We timed each team as they weaved through a course (picnic tables) from one end of the Shed to the other. Once the bobsled completed the slalom through the picnic tables, the team sprinted back to the finish line, where their times were clocked. The key here was that all four people had to remain connected the entire race – in a two-by-two formation that meant each pair was linking arms and the two pairs were connected by holding hands. It was hilarious. See video below.

The Awards Ceremony
The top three teams won nothing important but the chance to stand on a picnic table. #Goals.

For the Games:First Place – Belarus

Second Place – Montenegro

Third Place – Madagascar

For the Bobsled Race:
First Place – Brandon, Allison, Ben Kora and (new guy)
Second place – Coco, Danielle, Chloe and Keith
It’s important to note that one of top winners in both divisions (Brandon) was a first-timer to the workout today! Way to kick ass!

And before you all ask… yes, we did the workout under a roof. Yes it was raining. But YES, we are #weatherproof.

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