Friday Stadiums are for Live DJs [ATL]

We broke so many records this morning.

First, let’s start with my fears. We were planning on having a DJ at the high school where we do our stadiums. Yes, we have permission. No, we didn’t tell them we had a DJ. But we put it out there. LIVE DJ – at the Stadium.

I had nightmares that only NP leaders would have. What if today is the day the stadium is locked? What if the generator doesn’t work and the DJ doesn’t have power? What if the cops show up?

Well… to spoil it if you read no further, everything went smooth!

Here’s the Wisconsin Notes*

  • We had a live DJ. Thanks to RobSessions for the tunes! He even had a microphone and MCed the entire event. LEGIT.
  • We had 14 newbies at the workout – I think that’s a record!
  • We had our second ever kid show up! A #traverbal from MKE!
  • We had a record number of people show up for stadiums! #thetribeisstrong
  • We didn’t get a noise violation! (hey, with two speakers in a stadium – amplification, you know – we had our doubts.)
  • Ben Kora showed up to two workouts in one week. WHAAAT.
  • Stein led an awesome #injurydeck.
  • Alexa spent the entire workout thinking her photos were blurry and wouldn’t turn out… when she just wasn’t wearing her glasses so everything looked fuzzy. (obvs.)

When it was all said and done, and I was talking to some of the regular tribe members, they said “I thought for sure the cops would show up.”

DJ Rob Sessions!!

*Wisconsin Notes – a NP tradition to write shorthand what the most important things are.

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