June Boom: The Full Weekend at Mt Wachusett & Worcester Mass.

Here is a little challenge for you: Go big in June.

The site of last year’s November Project Summit 5.0, the North Face Endurance Challenge at Wachusett Mountain, humbled many who came out to race. Athletes participating in distances from 50 miles to 5k, all crowned ECSMA as the hardest race in the series. So naturally, we’re back to give it another go and we’re inviting YOU to join us!

This year the weekend is going to focus on Worcester, because we were all Boston in 2017. You may remember the Friday stadium workout with like 25,000 people & the DJ & The North Face gifts & the new tribes being brought on, oh & the best bounce in the history of the world, remember that? Well, we are taking that show only a few minutes down the road to Worcester. If you’re traveling from afar to join us, consider staying from Thursday night through Sunday for a weekend packed with racing and activities. FYI, we are racing more than the classic NP event, the Marathon Relay! See the details below: We know you’re gonna love it!

Friday AM Workout at Worcester Common
6:29 AM, bring a shirt to get painted, NP WOO might have the best tag of all.

Friday Post Workout

Birch Tree Bread just a half a mile away so you don’t have to worry about moving your vehicles.

Saturday & Sunday Racing

For all races use code “NP20” for a 20% discount (REGISTER HERE).

Marathon (individual) is for those who want to seriously push themselves. Last year we had 25 Co-Leaders take this race on and the times were ranging from 4:30 (NPSF’s Marathon Champ, Paddy McScientist) to our slower times (BG’s 5:56, Laura Green’s 6:00, Eugene didn’t finish at all, not even close, but its all good). Right, where were we? If you think you’re a fast BQ type, a trail ultra subtle bragger, or someone who wants to go long and just see what death looks like, this is your race. WARNING: This shit is awesome.

Marathon Relay is for the teams of 4 but we highly suggest that you trim down to a team of 2 runners who are finally ready to step up and take on a new challenge. My favorite line by the race director of the Endurance Challenge Series each year at the 50M prerace meeting is “they call it The North Face Endurance Challenge, not The North Face cakewalk.” So, grab a friend, see who runs first, tag hands when they return, you take your loop while they rest, come back and tag them in, you rest, they return, you bring it home for leg four. One of you races legs 1 & 3, the other takes legs 2 & 4. You can do the double loop, but that shit is boring, and coming through the transition area is like walking through a fun party but not being allowed to stop and have even a little fun. 1 & 3, 2 & 4. NEW RUNNERS, find 4 of you, be afraid, and go out there and get served as a team. For both teams of 2 and 4, we hope this year to see more BEST DRESSED teams than ever. We will award the best dressed team of 2 or 4 that is posted to Instagram using #ECSMA. NEW RUNNERS if you’re unsure about getting served and you’ve already heard that this loop isn’t exactly a walk in the park, then how about…

5K on Sunday. Yeah, we know. New shit!!! Not a new event, but a new focus for us. We thought this could be a way to keep the beer intake low on Saturday night, extend the weekend, and give our newest runners, as well as short distance experts, an option to shine. The 5K on trail on Sunday. Right?!?!!? Just sounds cool. BG will be there!

Saturday Night Social in Worcester:
Location TBD, vibe strong, 21+. As we get closer, follow the Worcester IG, FB, and Twitter handles for exact location.

Sign Up, Get Social:
Once you’ve used the code to register, hop on social and use “#ECSMA” to see what this thing looked like last year and who’s getting ready for this year. Any extra push to the people in your life to come out and race or cheer would be greatly appreciated. Cool? Cool.
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