reverse your thinking (ORL)

we may groan at the thought of doing something unpleasant or unfamiliar. or we can approach and embrace the opportunity to improve ourselves, our city, and the people around us. this morning’s workout at baldwin park brought out the best in everyone who was willing to try something new. and who doesn’t like surprises?

today’s uno card deck kept us moving, kept us thinking, and kept us smiling.

anticipating what (lethal) combination of spicy exercises we would perform by drawing two cards and following them up with a lap along the boardwalk gives us multiple chances to sweat and soak in another magnificent florida sunrise. grimacing our way through burpees and bananamans was a shared experience that jumpstarts the day- and hearing some great feedback about the uno workout gets me and dyani super pumped to create more devious ways to challenge everyone (to whatever that next level might be). these vibes are enough to last the entire week, so go forth and spread that positivity out into your communities!


*y’all crushed the #noweakcheeks burnout today! there’s more where that came from.

*all the #mayhomework video posts bring me so much joy. and by holding each other accountable, we can only get stronger and more motivated to get all the way to 41 pushups by the end of the month. so keep ’em coming! (and for those who haven’t seen the posts, check out the #np_ORL secret social group on facebook for those and much more info on events, races, and additional meetups)

remember, we’re challenging ourselves to perform a set number [the date+10] of pushups every day until may 31.

*NPsummit is happening on september 14-16 in wisconsin. it’s the ultimate party/race/gathering with your fellow NP compatriots. you can assemble a group of 4 and sign up for the marathon relay, or level up and take on a 5k, 10, half, marathon, 50k, or 50 miler on some amazing trails. more team, flight, and camping logistics can be found on this google doc. use discount code “NP20” at the ECS registration site here.

and a huge congrats to allison on her big wedding this weekend! we can’t thank you enough for the love and dedication you’ve put into this tribe, and we wish you and matt the very best on your special day.




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