Friday Stadiums are for Live DJs [ATL]

We broke so many records this morning.

First, let’s start with my fears. We were planning on having a DJ at the high school where we do our stadiums. Yes, we have permission. No, we didn’t tell them we had a DJ. But we put it out there. LIVE DJ – at the Stadium.

I had nightmares that only NP leaders would have. What if today is the day the stadium is locked? What if the generator doesn’t work and the DJ doesn’t have power? What if the cops show up? read more

Hills with a Skyline View (ATL)

Wisconsin Notes

  • We arrived at our workout spot and a bootcamp was there. We kept our distance, worked out, and they told us that we should have moved somewhere else in the park. Free park dudes!
  • The local TV station, WSB-TV, came out to shoot epic video of us running up the side of a hill.
  • Skyline views were in the background the whole workout.

  • We had our first kid come to the workout. Lana CRUSHED IT. (turns out she does Tough Mudder kids workouts!!!)
  • We had perhaps the most international tribe of all the NPs this morning…
    • Peter Collins from Montreal
    • Tribe member Lulu’s bro from London
    • NP Philly #traverbal

    • Speaking of Peter… he has the MOST TAGGED shirt!
    • Peter also wins the award for the best faces for photos.

    • We did NOT pose for photos running up the hill. Not at all.


    April 8 – Atlanta Streets Alive 

    Christian will be out at ASA as an activity partner, leading fun pop-up workouts and spreading NP love! Come stop by and help us get that #grassroots marketing!

    WED April 11 – 80’s Workout!!!

    Channeling Richard Simmons, Jane Fonda, Jazzercise and more! Wear your 80s attire and prepare to have a blast! This will be group exercise format because.. of course it’s the 80s! read more