Stadiums Will Rock You! (ATL)

There is something about Stadium Fridays that gives off an energy of excitement the night before despite the fact you know it’s going to kick your ass. I arrived at the stadium at about 5:45 this morning to get warmed up and help DJ Rob Sessions setup his equipment before the ATL Tribe showed up. At 6:10am I got nervous because the clouds in the sky looked mean and a few rain drops were starting to come down. The last thing I wanted was to get the DJ’s equipment wet considering he drives 30 minutes to spin for us out of the goodness of his heart. We rolled the dice and went for it anyway, and thank God the clouds started to part right at 6:27am. read more

Friday Stadiums are for Live DJs [ATL]

We broke so many records this morning.

First, let’s start with my fears. We were planning on having a DJ at the high school where we do our stadiums. Yes, we have permission. No, we didn’t tell them we had a DJ. But we put it out there. LIVE DJ – at the Stadium.

I had nightmares that only NP leaders would have. What if today is the day the stadium is locked? What if the generator doesn’t work and the DJ doesn’t have power? What if the cops show up? read more