Welcome Back Warm Weather!

Today was our monthly First Friday workout at Piedmont Park, Atlanta’s biggest and one of the most popular parks. What a beautiful morning it was! We’re thankful for our partnership with the Piedmont Park Conservancy for hosting us each month!

It felt so amazing to just be able to wear a t-shirt and shorts once again. No more excuses of it’s too cold or too dark in the morning. We are so excited to see more people coming out to the workouts and so grateful to those committed tribe members that stuck with us through the cold winter months. 6:27 am struck and the sun was peaking out as we came together for the bounce led by the oh soooo chill and sooo popular Stein Esser.

We then jogged over to the Active Oval, a half-mile gravel track, and did a warm up lap. The workout consisted of 4 stations, 7 minutes at each station.

Station 1 was concentrated on abs and pull-ups. We did as many rounds of the circuit we could do until the time ran out.

We then headed to station 2 by the flag pole of the oval. Box jumps, decline push-ups, and dips for 7 minutes.

Station 3 was running up the stairs towards the botanical garden and burpees in between. Heavy breathing and sweating going on while “Eye Of The Tiger” was blasting on the boom box speaker AKA Elton John.

For the last and final station we took it the beach. Actually the closest beach is 5 hours away, so instead we went to the sand volleyball court. 15 count of Hoistees, sprint across the sandbox, and then 1o Bojans for each person.

The time ended and we came together for an epic beach body group pic! We then sang happy birthday to Tim LePage as he did push-ups. The tribe came together one final time and put their hands for a loud “ATL!”

It was truly the best way to start your day and kick off your weekend with people you care about. We still are trying to hit our goal of getting 100 people to a single workout and we are feeling good that it will happen in the coming weeks as the tribe continues to get stronger. We see the “World Take Over” of free fitness happening and the word is spreading that NP-ATL is one of the best workouts in town. Boom!

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