Start Now: #DestiMAYtionDeck

Friday! Friday! Fri-YAY!

Are you excited?!  Me too!

Maybe you’re excited because it’s just about the weekend.  Maybe you’re racing like I am at Bear Mountain for The North Face Endurance Challenge Series.  Maybe you loved the hills this morning because it was warm, and rainy, and we only ran front hills (and did some burpees too), and there was a #fakebojan AND a #realbojan.

Maybe you’re excited because it’s May now, and hopefully winter is over, which means the tribe tends to swell and we see some old friends again, as well as some new ones.  Lots of reasons to be excited.

But right now…please get really excited (“I’m a star” jumps and out loud noises will be accepted) for the start of…

drum roll please…

(make the noise!)


It’s this thing where May is all about showing up to Monday Destination Deck workouts.  We know (eye roll) there are so many reasons (excuses) for everyone to not show up–from it’s too far away (you always say that), to it’s too early, to I’m training for something that doesn’t require burpees to train, to it’s my rest day, to blahblahblahblahblahblahblah.

It’s one month.  It’s post Boston Marathon and pre-fall marathons training season.  The weather is nice, the spontaneity is good for your soul, and a few extra burpees won’t be that bad.  Plus, adventure runs through the city, and need we remind you that our last game of Sardines Destination Deck was the last Monday of May in 2017 (that’s the most blatant hint I’ve ever given.)  So show the fuck up.  Show the heck up.  Show up, pretty please if you know what’s good for you.  Or show up just to tell us how much it sucks.

But when you show up, bring someone else too–especially if they’ve never been or they don’t usually go to Mondays.  We will be recognizing all those who:

  • are regular Monday kids and bring a Wed or Fri kid.
  • are regular Monday kids and bring a newbie.
  • are newbies
  • are not regular Monday kids and showed up for the first time in a long time (and bonus points if you bring another kid)

We’re celebrating all month long.  May.  All May.  Berets optional.  Fun required.  #JustShowUp


The map is here.

And in the tracker here.

And here’s a screen shot, just to give you an idea of the general area.

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