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This morning, Molly and Joel kicked off our Battle of the Babysitters(#BotB)! From start to finish they created a fantastic atmosphere and managed to mix in a great workout. The rest of this blog is brought to you from the land down unda! 

When I first heard about November Project, I thought I’d never be fit enough, could never be enough of an athlete to take part. But, I was in a new city, and I needed to make friends, so I just showed up at the behest of my friend Eric.

What I quickly realized, however, is that fitness is secondary at November Project. The most important thing at November Project, in my experience, is friendship. It’s community. It’s having FUN. It’s sweaty hugs and high fives. It’s spotting a new person and taking the time to memorize their name so you can welcome them next time they show up.

Sure, the running, and jumping, and planking, and squatting are all a part of it, too. But as long as you’ve got the friendship part down, the athletic parts don’t matter so much.

Since I first showed up over two years ago, my fitness has improved, and I now proudly call myself a runner. Sure, I’m never going to be the fastest member of the tribe, and I might never run a marathon (never say never, right), but I’m a runner and an athlete because of the incredible community we’ve built here in a city where it’s so easy to drift away from genuine friendship. I’ve found a way to be an athlete on my own terms – not based on the ideas I had before I arrived.

Together, my incredible co-babysitter Molly, and I planned a workout that was based on having fun, making new friends, and finding ways to be athletic that don’t necessarily feel like it. So, we crawled around in the sand, and cartwheeled, and leapfrogged, and we gave our friends compliments. We laughed, and danced, and made new friends, and then we tried a new burnout together. As you do every week, the tribe crushed it today, and I’m so proud.

We had SO. MUCH. FUN. planning this workout for our tribe, and I’m so grateful to every one of you who showed up, and who shared in our excitement. For today, and for the last two years, I want to say thank you.

Do good, LA.



PICTURE DAY! – We’re going back to the 90’s on May 11. Location TBA

#BotB continues May 18th when Jeff and Max take us back to the B Lot.

NP Summit – September 15th-16th in Wisconsin. Summit is an amazing opportunity to meet NPers from all over the world. There are a bunch of different race options, but the marathon relay is awesome. Make a team of 2-4 and race a 10k course with people from tribes near and far! Maybe even make a team with people from other tribes! Registration can be found right here! Use code “NP20” for 20% off.

Truth: Sharks do not care for their babies after they are born, but they do search for a safe place where they can lay their eggs or give birth.

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