From east to west [MTL]


  • Legs are sore, bums are plump
  • Last call for guest leaders
  • Wings for Life run details (Sunday May 5th)
  • It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later!

Let’s start with business and end with mushy gushy, cool?

This week’s workout

  • She was a fun one:

  • She was a goofy one:

  • She was a hard one:

  • Great job to everyone that came out and celebrated the beginning of consistently above 10 degree weather workouts!

Last call for guest leaders

  • If you would be interested in leading one or a few Wednesday mornings over the summer with Derek and you haven’t reached out to him yet, do it! It’s an amazing experience and opportunity to be goofy and creative and I would recommend that anyone thinking about it dive in!

Wings for Life Run – Sunday May 5th

  • 100% of the $30 cost goes to the organization (research on a cure for spinal cord injury)
  • From the website: “There is no static finish line; no set distance to cover; no time to beat; you set your own goals. Thirty minutes after the race begins, the virtual ‘Catcher Car’ begins to chase the participants. The Catcher Car speeds up incrementally throughout the run and the goal is to stay ahead of it as long as you can. When the Catcher Car catches up with you (virtually for all World Run App runners), your race is over. Let the finish line come to you for a change.”
  • The post-run brunch last year was so good. GUYS. SO GOOD.
  • Actual event registration here. Facebook event here.

Warning: The sappiest of sappy sapperton follows

Welp, after 1.5 amazing years of running around the old port with you hooligans, my time has come to a pause. No, not an end, just an itty bitty break. My heart is in Montreal and I am positive that I am not done with this city. That being said, adulthood is-a-callin’. So, I write this as I am getting ready to hop over to Ontario for 3 months to complete my final internship. Although I am not sure where work and life will take me after that, I can promise that I will work my hardest to have it take me back to all of you lovely people.

I could write an entire novel on what the November Project has done for me and how much it means to me, but instead, I encourage you all to just go and feel what I have felt. Go for your first time or maybe your hundredth. Hug some pals, learn people’s names, feel the zany vibes, and unapologetically be you. Keep complaining about PR day and keep calling us out if we forget to time. Keep rolling your eyes whenever burpees are on the menu and keep cringing at the name “Sally”. But also, keep waking up and making community happen. Keep rolling down the hill, still half asleep, in neon and spray paint, ready to rumble.

Thanks for a great time folks, and see you in August!

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