What an amazing ride this has been thus far! Time REALLY does fly when you’re having fun. We wouldn’t be anywhere without all the amazing, beautiful, kind, strong, badass humans that decide to #justshowup to Drake Stadium, so we first want to say THANK YOU to everyone who’s joined us! THANK YOU for being a part of this wonderful growing community, THANK YOU for showing up, for giving it your all and supporting us week after week. You are all superheroes and we are madly in love with each and every one of you.

We spent 24 weeks as an #np_pledge before we were welcomed aboard as November Project’s 45th tribe, thus joining the worldwide #freefitness movement. That means every Wednesday morning around the world, 45 groups just like us are bouncing, running, and high-fiving all for the price of $0. This doesn’t even count the amazing November Project pledge groups that are also kicking ass!

We wanted to reflect on how awesome it’s been since day 1 of pledging back in November, so without further ado…

We honestly had no idea what to expect on our first day of pledging. We knew some people knew about the group, but we didn’t set any crazy expectations for what kind of turnout we would have on day one. We said we’d be happy if 10 people showed up. Well, not only did that happen, but another 39 on top of that showed up, giving us 49 amazing humans on our very first day! We still like to tease our friend Ben that if he had shown up (like he said he was going to) we would have broken 50! We forgive you Ben. The energy, the sweat, the sun- we kept feeling this ELECTRIC vibe across the stairs, and we knew this was the start of something awesome. We were lucky to have a Bostonian (#mothership) and two folks from SD (all who attend November Project in their cities) join us and give feedback on our first day which helped a lot when crafting all of our future workouts. Thanks for joining us, Drock, Mike & Randi! (You’re all #traverBALLERS, and the first of 40+ traverbalers to work out with us!) 

What makes Drake Stadium so great is how versatile it is. We have the opportunity to throw down a killer stair workout, a hill workout, a track workout, or a combination of all 3! We’ve had a lot of fun mixing and matching different sections of the stadium for each workout, and the best part is- if someone isn’t into running around in circles, or their knees can’t handle the stairs, or they just simply hate hills, there’s 2 other options of what they can run around. In addition we will always provide an alternative strength or injury deck workout for anyone that can’t do cardio, as there is tons of surface area to do all sorts of exercises.

The atmosphere of Drake is incredible. We’re not even the first to arrive! There are ROTC kids from UCLA, different club sports teams that filter in and out, and lots of other athletes working out alongside us. Everyone seems to express the same vibes and respect one another. We’re different communities with one home and a shared goal of leaving a little healthier and a little happier.

We knew we wanted to have an award to express our love and gratitude for our tribe members. We first have to give credit to one of our favorite humans/mentor/big sister/girl crush to the max: JEANIE from November Project Brooklyn who gave us the idea of using a surfboard for the award.

The surfboard award represents someone who’s been ‘riding our wave’ meaning they show up, they work hard, and they bring great energy week after week. We wish we could give it to every single person every single week, because everyone who shows up to Drake shines with so much positivity and enthusiasm! But we do like to honor one person each week which can allow for the tribe to get to hear a little bit about someone they maybe don’t know yet, and then get excited to befriend them! Now that we’re an official NP tribe we are excited to continue utilizing the surfboard alongside our positivity award and turn the surfboard into a peer-to-peer award that will be handed out monthly.

We are super grateful for all the help and support we receive from our tribe members because- let’s face it- we wouldn’t be anywhere without everyone who shows up and continues to help us grow. Liana created our beautiful recruiting papers and parking map- which both have helped a tremendous amount when bringing in newbies. Kevin has stepped up and completely taken over our Snapchat presence. Some of his stories get over 7 thousand views! Whenever Jeff Yang is at the stadium, you’ll always see him with a camera. He runs around getting a killer workout AND takes pictures without us even asking. Our girl Clare (who is actually the coolest girl you’ll EVER meet, like, ever) shot AND edited our yearbook photos in lightning speed. Dana has helped us build our connections with UCLA (she got us on the jumbotron at a basketball game, nbd) and she and Jose have been constant soundboards for us and helped in countless ways, including testing out our PR Day and being the hype crew of dreams during yearbook photos. The list goes on and on, and these people make it easy for us to feel like we’re never alone on this journey. #thanksjose

Brogan Graham, one of the co-founders of November Project, set up a video conference with the two of us last Monday, April 23rd, at 7:00 PM PST. We thought it was just another video chat, and it was…until he pulled out a fresh new POSITIVITY AWARD with “Westside L.A., CA” engraved on it and we lost our shit!

Yes…we have to address it…Westside L.A. No one who lives outside of LA seems to understand the whole Westside/West LA thing. We decided “Westside” will continue as our common name (like the name “Maggie,” as a random example) and “West LA” is our official name that people can use in formal situations (like “Margaret”). Honestly we’re just lucky the Positivity Award doesn’t say Santa Monica which is where Laura Green still thinks we are located.

Brogan Graham showed up. Rich Roll showed up. Traverbalers from NP-San Diego showed up. 140 people showed up. The energy was INSANE. Not only was it touching to receive so much support from the worldwide November Project community, it was also really touching to see our Westside Wednesdays regulars show up with so much excitement when a lot of them didn’t know about November Project/really understand what was happening. They were just excited because we were excited. We’re pumped to show these November Project newbies a bigger picture of our worldwide family! 

PR Day can be tough. Some people love it, some people hate it. It can be intimidating for newbies but also gives the competitive among us a chance to hone in. Yesterday morning was everything we ever wanted a PR Day to be. People were ready to race right from the start. Spirits were high, the music was bumpin’, high-fives a plenty, the cheer tunnel was lit, the #powerofpurple and #loveforliana were prevalent, and there was really, really good running. The first ten finishers were pushing each other hard and it made for a very exciting morning (Marcus, looks like you can’t move away until you reclaim that #1 spot from Anthony)!!! Reli and Shani’s family running that course together is so beautiful we could just weep. You can’t walk away from 70 people taking on those stairs with everything they’ve got and leave uninspired. You just can’t.

Congrats to HOLLY for being the first recipient of our POSITIVITY AWARD!! You’re a BADASS, a beautiful person on the inside and out, and you have been one of our biggest supporters from the very beginning. You show up, you work hard, you are loving, caring, hilarious- pretty much everything we’d ever want out of a tribe member. Don’t ever change. Or leave us.

That’s all the gushy stuff (for now) so onto logistics!

Breakfast Club: If you’re ever free immediately after the workout, there’s always a group that hangs at the Whole Foods off of Gayley (located here). Parking is free (as is Wifi- in case you need to start working early)! Plenty of outdoor seating available for good times and yummy bites!
Social Page: If you’re not already in our internal social page ‘Westside Warehouse’ be sure to join it! This is a place for all of us to communicate outside of the workouts. Use this group to plan carpools/run gangs/bike gangs to the workouts and breakfast clubs after workouts!
Tracker: GUESS WHAT?! We have a tracker now: Make sure in the upper left-hand corner it says West LA, then click on the day of the workout and you can view the location, drop verbals, and even record results for PR Day! If you want to have all your PR Day results in one place, click on a past date to enter that day’s result.

#NPSUMMIT, November Project’s Annual gathering, will be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this coming September 14-16. You’ll want to sign up for the Endurance Challenge Wisconsin for a Saturday race. Grab a friend to partner with, or three! You can make a relay team, or sign up individually for a longer distance. As we get closer we can talk about travel plans, accommodations and all that jazz! If you can swing taking off the Friday before, it’s always a good time!
DISCOUNT CODE: NP20 for 20% off!

TOUGH TOPANGA 10K! Let’s go support a local race!! Saturday 6/23. Run or hike options available.
DISCOUNT CODE: Westside Wednesdays Tough

Sooooo….. is it next Wednesday yet???!

So much love to everyone!!
Maggie & Tara

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