#ProspectHillPark @Nov_Project (BOS)

This morning was amazing. Sunny sunrise, huge newbie turnout, heavy gear storm by our pals at New Balance Running, and yet another badass Monday location during our #ALLMAYMON plan. We hope to see you all next Monday as well – These May Monday’s are designed to push you out of your normal running routes. So create your small group, meet on a street corner, push the pace, and arrive at 6:29AM next Monday at #BerginPark in Cambridge.

The weather this week is going to be awesome so please continue to bring your people, meet more of our people, and find time to stay in motion more than just our three group sessions. Here is the plan that will get you set to earn your weekend:

WEDNESDAY: 6:30AM we will start you almost immediately so please come on time. We’re aiming to have this be our most outrageous group photo yet so remember to wear clean underwear and floss your teeth before heading to NP. Real talk – Group photo at 7:30AM. Plan to be in it. Yelling. Wait, you’re new? Click your “newbie” tips on this link and plan to bring a wrist watch and $0 on WED. We love you just as much as the “big kids.”

FRIDAY: We’ll be on Summit Ave doing something completely new. Come with an open mind and your freshest #GrassrootsGear on. There will be a surprise gift to all NP members who ride their bikes WITH THEIR BIKE HELMETS to this workout. Ride.

I’d like to speak for both Bojan and I, and say that… (and you knew this was coming)… the tribe is strong. Maybe too strong.

This WED our brother/sister tribe in Madison, Wisconsin will break 50 people for the first time. They’ve come from the harshest of harsh winter conditions and are ready to shake loose in the warm, springtime air. If you have people in Madison push them to join NP MSN this week. Congrats to DG and the gang for creating a tribe in the dead of winter and pushing up and out of the snow to where we stand now. Welcome to Spring 2013 my brother.

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