Guest Post by Rebecca MacRae of NOVEMBER PROJECT (BOS)

A student, a runner, a racer, an iron(wo)man, Rebecca MacRae has been with us since last summer and is today’s guest writer. A few important pieces for next week, as well as an amazing photo of a birthday body-surf session are at the bottom. Please see both and have an amazing weekend. Ladies and gents… Becca MacRae!

I initially joined the November Project because I was training for a race, but I have continued to train/play with NP because I am addicted to the enthusiasm, warmth, and drive of its members. Before NP, I would sometimes get up early to train, but when my alarm went off I would begrudgingly roll out of bed. With NP we work incredibly hard and yet, now when my alarm goes off I am excited to meet the tribe.
Each day with NP is about being in motion and keeping fit by having fun. Workouts may leave you spent physically, but each day rejuvenates you mentally and the vivacity carries you through your entire day. After NP workouts I smile more, I eat healthier foods, and I set higher goals for myself in the non-physical aspects of my life. Although I derive this momentum from every NP workout, for me each day emphasizes a different aspect of NP. Monday decks are about refreshing exploration of our city. Wednesday stadiums are about challenging our personal expectations, both mental and physical. Friday Summit Ave hills are about ritual and solidity. Mondays and Wednesdays are proud and loud, but Fridays capture the quiet essence of NP.

We start every Friday in near silence, huddled close together. At first, I worried that silence (out of respect for our Summit Ave resident friends) would detract from the NP energy, but now I appreciate that the quiet in fact contributes to and strengthens the vibe. Sometimes we bounce when it is cold. Sometimes we whisper-sing happy birthday and crowd-surf the birthday girl over our heads. We always hug. Then we start the workout all together. Maybe today is an Indiana Jones day, maybe it’s a 1-hill sprint day, maybe it’s a 3-6-9 repeats day. Regardless, the silence gives you the opportunity to feel, rather than hear, the tribe’s collective support. There are high-fives from people running down for the people running up and whispered encouragements from the faster runners to the slower runners. We run together as one tribe, one Boston. Then, after we finish we linger to chat, learn about each other’s lives, and make plans for the weekend together.

Every Friday follows the same pattern (with spice here and there of course) and I look forward to this consistency. Fridays are about earning our weekends. Fridays are about reaping the rewards of our hard work that week. Fridays are about taking a moment to quietly and collectively appreciate the unity of our NP community. Fridays are by far my favorite November Project day. – Rebecca MacRae, November Project.

MONDAY: Our location on Monday will be #ProspectHillPark in Somerville. Please see our post and the map and plan your running groups now. NEW BALANCE’S TEAM WILL BE THERE DOCUMENTING THE WORKOUT. THIS MEANS YOU SHOULD BRING YOUR A-GAME AS USUAL. THIS IS GOING TO BE AMAZINGLY FUN/BADASS. GET THERE.

Birthday girl floating on the powerful tribe as we whisper song’d her to life for her big day. It’s getting really weird/awesome here in Boston. Image captured at 6:32AM (Brookline, MA time).

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