NO SNOOZE for NEW SHOES! @Nov_Project, @Nov_Project_MSN, & @newbalance

March will be your chance to earn new #FREE running shoes by simply training regularly with November Project.

That’s right! Both November Project and November Project Madison are going to be keeping track of each tribe’s attendance throughout the month of March. If you hit the set goal for your city you’ll get some LOVE from our friends at New Balance Running. Through this plan we’ll be pushing you all to get in more miles, make more friends, and commit to one another as we push on into spring. Anyone and everyone can come out and train outdoors when its warm and sunny… this plan will add just another reason to set your patters NOW so that you’ll be on cruise control come summer.

Here are the details…

In Boston if you sign in for 8 or more workouts in March you’ll receive any pair of New Balance running shoes you choose. With our #EasterHashHunt event on the last day of the month (11AM Sunday, March 31st) we thought it would be a cool goal to plan to put your last miles on your old kicks for that that day as the new ones are being sent to you in the mail. Maybe even paint your soon-to-be-retired kicks pastel for the “hunt” – just a thought.

In the 608 area code (Madison, Wisconsin), you’ll have to meet and train with DG’s tribe all four Wednesdays without missing. DG is also looking to award those of you who are doing the most recruiting. If you find yourself considering coming out in March, now is the time. DG will combine regular attendance and recruiting power to put NB shoes on your feet in March. If you have questions for NP Madison please ask them through FB or Twitter OR friend “Daniel Birk Graham” directly.

(DG seen here wearing the NB Minimus Trail, long ass hair, and his June power-tan, about to loop Devil’s Lake in Baraboo, WI. Please note, DG is not a man or a beast, he’s a beast-man-beast and you KNOW what I’m talking about.)

FJ is a man who lives in Boston.
FJ may stand for Fighter Jet.
FJ runs a group called The Boston Brunch Runners.
FJ & DG will meet one day. Derrick will be there.
FJ is a man who lives in Boston.

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    1. Kate… go to the menu above to see when/where we meet. Then… set your alarm… and when it goes off in the AM, put on your shoes and SHOW UP.

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