#EasterHashHunt by November Project

What!? You can’t make it in the morning because “blah, blah,” and you’ve been meaning to join November Project and the Boston Brunch Runners but you’ve been “so busy” with “blah, blah,” that even Sunday gets filled up!? Well lucky for you, the good humans at November Project are always here with open arms. This race is open to all members of the community who want to stay in motion, race, meet good people, have fun, and dress like awesomeness all at the same time. The recruiting & hype begins now. Our Spring event/race is here!

WHAT: The Easter Hash Hunt or #EasterHashHunt is a group hunt/race where a few nimble group leaders are sent out just minutes in front of the giant pack of the rest of us. They race/lead a course that only they know and will lead everyone else to a final location. Along the way these leaders, better known as “hashers,” will “hash” their path using sidewalk chalk to guide the rest of the group that is hot on their heels. The idea is to attempt to reel in and possibly catch these “hashers” before the milage wraps up. You’ll be able to chose between the 5 and 10 mile hash trails that will both land at the finish line (AKA brunch, beers, hunkering down) at roughly the same time.

WHEN: Easter Sunday, March 31st at 11:00AM. RSVP FREE for this FREE event here.

WHERE: Park Street MBTA (Red & Green line) at street level.

WEAR: Rabbit ears for racers are the look of the day. Also highly suggested, recommended, and supported is a full body of pastel colors. Feel free to rip, paint, twist, tuck, and power bomb these outfits to mock all of those Nantucket wannabes on this very pastel driven day. BUNNY EARS & PASTELS. #GrassrootsGear is always a plus.

PARTY: Brunch and beers will take place right at the finish line. Where is the finish line? You’ll have to join the fun to find out. The “hashers” will lead you there.

RSVP: This is a bibless event. With that said, if you’re feelin’ this concept and want to have the best Easter Sunday of your life… you’ll want to RSVP so we can keep you posted on details as they come. This is also good to get a ballpark of how far off in space the folks at NASA will be able to see our mob from.

LOVE: We love you. The free fitness movement is taking over and we’re proud you want to get fit, meet more good people, and share crazy times with November Project. Get your outfits started now. There is a place that can prepare you 100% in one stop. Beware, its not a district, its a store. And while we’re on that note, let’s all take a page from the Derrick Shallowcrust bible and hype our individual costumes as they’re being built. Derrick has been the first to post his full getup for both #TheRunningOfTheBowls & the #BostonNinjaRace and we have to say… the dude looked amazing at both. Can you beat him?

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3 Replies to “#EasterHashHunt by November Project”

  1. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to run it, but I will be there with my light-up bunny ears on (just ask Emily about them) 😉

    CAVEAT: if my mother makes me join the family for Easter, it may be a short appearance. 🙁

  2. Um. Yes, light up bunny ears, Karlsie has them. I’m borrowing bunny ears from Customer Service at work. They are, unfortunately,not light up.

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