Happy Monday everyone! Rising and shining with the Boston sunrise was amazing. New friends, cold paws, and a 200 pushup sandwich on commuter run bread were had by all.

You’ll begin seeing Bojan and I passing out #RecruitingPapers after workouts as we get closer to the warm months. These circular pieces of discarded amazingness will guide possible new members to our website/schedule and will help the process of further building our tribe. Recruiting new members by striking up conversations with fast looking folks we don’t know, yes STRANGERS in public, comes easy to some of us. For those of you who need an extra spark to get the NP talk rolling, carry your #RecruitingPapers and use them as a talking point. “I’m recruiting you to the tribe” or “Wow, you look pretty athletic, you MUST be a runner” are just a few of my favorites that usually get people to open their ear holes with a smile. If that person in front of you seems unfriendly, not into what you’re spittin’, or seems like they’re simply uninterested, please hold onto your paper until the next person comes around. Remember, great athletes make good recruits but good people make GREAT recruits.

WEDNESDAY: Harvard Stadium for sure. 6:30AM. Come ready to work.

FRIDAY: is March 1st. Throughout the month of March we’ll be tracking your attendance and setting you up with awards for training with consistency. The exact metrics will come out later this week but we can tell you that if you train with November Project enough times during the month of March you’ll earn your pick of New Balance running/training shoes. Yeah, we know, that IS fucking awesome.

SUNDAY: Boston Brunch Runners. If you don’t yet know about them you’ll want to get on FB today and LIKE their page. They train, eat, smile, and enjoy life on Sunday’s. Just another way to stay in motion and build community here in Boston. Need a contact person? FJ (which stands for Fighter Jet) is your man. Call or text his cell phone (617) 624-5000 and/or FRIEND him on the book.

EASTER SUNDAY, March 31st (11AM): This is our bring-on-the-spring race called #EasterHashHunt by November Project. We’ll be posting exact details in the week(s) to come. Right now you’ll need to know that there are a sea of rabbit ears on your heads, man hunting in the streets, miles of running under your feet, and gobs of jokey pastel colored clothing on your body. Dress to impress. Save the date. Prepare for world takeover. #EasterHashHunt by November Project. Just another reason why most people can’t follow what the hell it is that we’re doing. This event is open to non-November Project members.

We drop quotes from The Lion King.
We love and support the Boston Brunch Runners.
We are proud of all the #weatherproof runners and the cheering squad members that killed 13.1/26.2 mile race yesterday in Hyannis, MA in less then ideal weather conditions.
We are going to have New Balance shoes for our regulars next month.
We are pumped about the November Project Madison (@Nov_Project_MSN) on Bascom Hill again this Wednesday.
We are having more fun than anyone else in Boston.
We are November Project.

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